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The National Testing Agency successfully completed both the shifts of Day 4 exam for JEE Main on Tuesday, 27.07.2021. JEE Main July 27 exam was conducted in 2 shifts, both of which were concluded by 6:00 pm on Tuesday. The analysis for question paper of both the shifts will be presented to you in this article. With this analysis our aim is to provide you an idea of the difficulty level of exam, topic wise weightage subjects and several other factors.

Analysis for Shift 1: July 27, Day 4 of Session 3

The paper was almost balanced covering all the topics from each subject. Out of 30 questions from each section, 20 were MCQ type. Other 10 questions were integer and only 5 of 10 were to be answered. However, there wasn’t enough variation in difficulty level of Physics and Chemistry as compared to previous shifts, Questions from mathematics were somewhat challenging. The subject wise comparison of difficulty level ranking would be Maths being most difficult to chemistry being the least, whereas physics being moderate.

Subject wise analysis for the exam is given below.

Mathematics: Mathematics was suggested moderate for shift 1 in terms of difficulty level. Questions were comprised from the chapters of Vectors, 3 D Geometry, Calculus & Algebra, Matrices, Probability, and Complex numbers along with others. The questions were lengthy as well as tricky from this section.

Physics: It was an easy to moderate section in terms of difficulty level. The chapters carrying most of the questions were Kinematics, Current Electricity, Electrostatics, and AC Circuit and others. It was a well-balanced section in terms of topic wise questions and difficulty level. The questions were mostly based on NCERT.

Chemistry: In Chemistry section, questions were in the range of easy to moderate. With Physical Chemistry being easier, lesser number of questions were asked from this topic. Unlike previous shifts, a higher amount of weightage was given to Inorganic Chemistry. Questions from solid state were also asked along with coordination chemistry. It also included questions from polymers, chemistry in everyday life, etc. Numerical based questions from this section were quite tricky.

Analysis for Shift 2: July 27, Day 4 of Session 3

The shift 2 of Day 4 was moderate in terms of difficulty level. Some of the questions were quite lengthy and time taking. The question paper was balanced with questions appear from different topics. Similar to the previous shifts, if we compare the difficulty level subject wise, it would be Mathematics at first followed by Chemistry which is followed by Physics. Students found the exam to be on the easy to moderate side.

Mathematics: The questions from Shift 2 of Day 4 for mathematics were difficult. Making the overall exam difficult in comparison to the previous shifts. Questions were mostly asked from coordinate, Statistics, Trigonometry, etc. With integer questions being calculative, it became time taking.

Physics: It was a moderate section in terms of questions asked from Physics. The topics that appeared in exam from this section are electrostatics, EMF, AC Current, Thermodynamics, Semiconductor, etc. Majority of the questions from these chapters. The other chapters were also included in balanced proportion. A good amount of numerical were asked which were mostly formula based.

Chemistry: The section was an easy to moderate in terms of the difficulty level. The questions were majorly based on the NCERT textbook. While numerical were asked from Physical chemistry and were tricky, questions from organic chemistry had good weightage.

The official answer key for the exam is likely to be released by NTA in 2-3 days. After the release, students can challenge the answer key with an online payment of Rs 200 per question.

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