Before starting the exam preparation, know the exact syllabus and understand it well.  Understand the patterns, check the important topics, know their weightage, and get a detailed understanding of the exam. Make a priority list and start with the most important chapters. You have to complete all the chapters but if you will do it in order of their weightage then it will help to secure more scores in the exam. 

Make proper notes of each chapter. Write all the important points. Try to make concise notes so that you can revise them easily in less time. You can even use sticky notes and paste them on your desk. This will help you memorise things. Use colourful pens to make notes.

NCERT is a must. Make notes from these books and learn them by heart. Go to another reference book once you are done with NCERTs. Most aspirants make the mistake of buying a lot of books and then end up reading none. They try to read multiple reference books and ultimately, they get confused about what to read and what not to read. 

Solve questions related to each chapter once you have made all of your notes. Solve as many questions as you can for each topic. This will improve your skills. Your confidence will increase by many folds. Once you have made notes and solved questions, start with the previous year’s paper. This will help you to know the level of your preparation and also the exam pattern. Start giving complete syllabus tests.

When you attempt your practice tests, attempt them with a timer. This will help you manage your time during exams. Try to attempt the paper in the same pattern as your Mains exam. Do analyze each test. Analysis plays a very important role in improving your score.

Also, keep in mind to eat healthy food and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Take an adequate amount of sleep. 6-hour sleep is a must for every student. Take a good amount of breaks to keep yourself fresh. Study for 1.5 hours and then take a break for 15 min. This way your brain will not get tired easily and you will work more efficiently. Stay motivated throughout your preparation. Analyze your activities daily.

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