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Practise makes a man perfect, is a saying, which has helped many achieve success since ages. JEE exam is not just about clearing the exam but also getting good enough to get a college and branch of one’s choice. But there is an easy way out for success in this exam, i.e., Mock Tests. In this article, we will discuss how by giving and analysing mock tests, students can crack the JEE exam with a good ranking, so let’s start-

  • Getting an understanding of the pattern of the paper- Students can know the syllabus and pattern of the JEE Main exam more closely by practising the JEE Main question papers of previous years.
  • Familiarity with different types of questions – While practising the previous year papers and mocks, candidates will get an idea about the kind and variety of questions asked in the exam. One should get hands-on experience on as many questions as possible, numerical, fact-based, trick-based, analytical, theoretical or calculative.
  • Identification of critical topics – As you practice questions, you will know which topics are your strength and which needs more work to be done.
  • Increasing speed – The regular practice of mock papers will help candidates increase their exam speed. It will help you complete all the questions as early as possible and save time for revising the answers. 
  • Development of time management skills – Candidates will be able to solve questions in the exam quicker and faster after the constant practice of mock tests.
  • Increase inefficiency – The possibility of making silly mistakes in the exam will reduce as the efficiency will improve with the frequent practice of mock tests.
  • Knowing one’s ability – Through practising Mock papers, candidates will be able to judge their ability and, if not satisfied, can make efforts to push themselves more in the preparation process.
  • Getting a feel of the exam – Before appearing in the main exam, candidates can get a sense of the exam by taking mock tests. This will help develop confidence for the exam.

With so many Mock tests’ advantages, students should take them very seriously and never skip any mock test. Apart from just going and giving the mock tests, it’s also essential to analyse the results. One should see the weak points, strong points, areas where a little effort is required, areas where much hard work is needed, etc. Guess what, you can avail yourself of the best opportunity to practise mock using abhyas.pracbee offers daily mocks for students to rank higher and it is completely free!

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Gaurav Prakash
B Tech IIT Delhi, Founder - PracBee. IIT and NEET Physics author and faculty for 12 years
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