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Cracking JEE is like a dream for lakhs of students who aspire to study in the best engineering colleges of the country. Considering the level of competition, the time and efforts required to crack such exams is significantly high. Students preparing for JEE must understand the importance of time management right from the beginning of their preparation. A well-planned study time table will help in completing the tasks efficiently and help students to find out extra time for revision. Students who follow a regular schedule are able to set their targets, are more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and regularly achieve their milestones. 

A well-planned timetable is a key to success in any competitive exam. For an exam like JEE which requires year long preparation, managing time becomes utmost important as an irregular person may initially find some success in completing his tasks but would certainly find himself lost once the course progresses. In this article, we are giving some tips to manage time during JEE preparation.

Ensure a proportionate distribution of your study time among the three subjects based on your strengths and weaknesses. Students are advised to study all three subjects properly rather than just focusing more on subjects of their interest. Plan your day well in advance so that you do not lose time on thinking later. Sufficient time should be given to revision and practice along with learning new concepts. 

Avoid distractions during study time. Students should keep a track of their time spent on unnecessary activities and try to cut them down. Although, a certain amount of leisure time is necessary and will definitely help in raising your efficiency but any such thing should not reach to a threshold beyond which it starts to backfire.

Multitasking may not help you in JEE preparation. There are people who praise people who can do multiple things at the same time but this may not apply to JEE preparation. Students are advised to stay focused on their one goal and do not let other thoughts distract them. Also, while studying for a particular subject or topic, students are advised to focus on that particular topic and not try to pick up another subject until the first one is completed. 

There are many other things that students should follow while preparing for JEE like taking care of their health, having proper sleep, and learning to say No etc. The whole purpose of managing time would go in vain if days or weeks are spent in a hospital or on bed due to illness. Students should not neglect their health at any stage while preparing for such a competitive exam. Many students spend their daytime in unnecessary activities and then try to cover study time by avoiding sleep. This has to be avoided as it reduces your efficiency and also affects the quality of study. In fact, students are advised to take power naps daily in between their study hours which will help them in raising their efficiency. However, the sleep hours should not be in excess that it itself starts affecting study hours. Last but not least, students should learn to say No to something that comes in between their studies. They must be aware of what is important and what is not. If they keep saying yes to everything even during study time, they will find themselves in a very difficult situation where they won’t be able to do anything. Remember, there are only 24 hours in a day and every hour of it has to be used judiciously and not let it get wasted when preparing for JEE.

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Vineet Singh Chauhan
A B.Tech graduate from IIT Jodhpur (2019) and the state topper in his 12th boards. He enjoys music, travelling, volunteering for social work and reading about Indian History.
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