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Common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for JEE

In India, nearly all the scholars who wish to pursue a career in the field of engineering want to study at IITs. Most of the lists of the swish sodalities in the country have the IITs ranking at the top. 

How can we get into IIT? The answer is to qualify in the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). The questions are tricky and the students tend to make silly misapprehensions. Choosing the correct system of studying and avoiding silly misapprehensions will help students to score well in the examination. 

You must read NCERTs to help you develop a solid foundation. 

Don’t overthink too much about the results as this will always put devilish internal pressure and indeed you won’t study well. Change your strategy & study pattern only when you feel like your current plan is not of any help while working mocks. 

Below are the most common misapprehensions that scholars must avoid during JEE Main preparation:

1) Not taking enough tests, If you spend all of your time just learning and working on exercises, it won’t give you enough time to practice. The trick to achieving excellent results is by taking regular practice tests and timing yourself. You will find some challenging practice test series for JEE online which can help boost your drug. 

 2) Ignoring the class XI syllabus forms a foundation for what you learn in class XII. Therefore, an equal amount of significance should be given to the syllabus of both classes. A thorough revision of class XI generalities will be of great use for JEE. 

 3) Pertaining to several publications while preparing for JEE, scholars end up buying a lot of different books that they don’t use. You should prepare majorly from your NCERT books. You can also have a study group among buddies and share books.

 4) Avoiding delicate questions, Most of the aspirants skip the delicate questions they come across while working on practice tests and former time’s question papers. Rather than skipping or avoiding these questions, you should take help from subject experts and exercise until you master them. 

5) Staying up all night before the test, The worst mistake that scholars make under pressure is that they stay over all night before the test, revising! There is nothing spare that you can do in one night. Take this night to relax, eat well and sleep beforehand so you wake up fresh. Staying up all night will only make you tired and sleepy while you’re taking the test and you will lose attention. 

 6) Having misgivings about your preparation, At the last minute, there is no point in juggling about what all you could have done. Be confident about whatever you have studied. Doubting yourself will only confuse you and will be discouraging which can ultimately hamper your attention while taking the test. 

 7) Skipping long questions during the test, scholars skip long questions and come back to these after completing the entire paper. You shouldn’t get scared of too many multitudinous words in the questions which makes them look longer. Analogous questions are generally easy. You just need to have forbearance, read them slowly and understand them. 

 8) Spending spare time on easy questions, After preparing for JEE for months together, you have an idea of the subject and chapters you exceed in. Scholars spend spare time on analogous questions rather than devoting the same time to delicate questions. This mistake should surely be ignored.

9) Agitating questions in between papers, Agitating questions with peers in the gap between papers have proven to be a generally made mistake. It either makes you overconfident or completely shakes up your confidence. Refrain from talking about the answers in the time gap. Rather, use that time to revise the important corridor of the syllabus of the forthcoming test with your buddies.

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