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How to manage time efficiently during the board exams

With the school board exams just two months away, the students are in constant speculations about the D-day. Especially, due to the impact of CoVID-19, the habit of offline exams has weaned a little. This has made the students less-confident in their planning and preparation for the boards. However, this can be easily managed with a good revision schedule & efficient planning in the days during the exam.

Traditionally in India, there is at least 2 days gap in-between the board exams which play a vital role in deciding the extent of revision one can do for the upcoming exam. These gap days should be well planned and effectively used otherwise it can also play a destructive role by lowering of confidence & anxiety. Hence, this article would specifically help the readers to learn the art of managing the time provided in between the exams and make an impact positively on the marks.

Organize your study-space

As during the gap days, students have a very limited time in their hand for revision, hence it is necessary to take some time before starting the revision to collect & organize all the books, notes, study materials & digital materials at your dispersal, it will cut-down the disturbance of searching & then working in the later stage of revision.

Make a preparation portfolio

As the students have to cover a vast syllabus for the board exams, it is naturally tough to keep track of the topics which are strong enough to need a soft revision and the topics which require special attention. Hence, it is always helpful to maintain a preparation portfolio for all the topics.

Maintain a to-do list

It is always good to have a habit of maintaining a to-do list and being able to follow it religiously. This acts as a forget-proof mechanism for your revision process of the whole syllabus of the subject. A to-do list helps the students to confirm that their plan has been well-executed and keeps you organized

Prioritize your tasks

With a mammoth amount of work to be done during the gap days, it is a necessary activity to prioritize your concepts for revisions. The students should prepare a priority list, with reference to the preparation portfolio they have made earlier. The list should have a strategic plan for each topic of the subjects, from tough topics to easy topics, and hence the revision time needs to be allotted accordingly, less time for easier topics and more time for tougher topics should be alloted.

Do not Overburden, maintain a healthy lifestyle

The gap days between the exams are the most important time when the students need to be health conscious, as it may lead to huge losses, if you fall ill in-between the exams. The students must allot at least an hour each day for physical activities like sports, as this helps the brain & body easily coordinate for the revision schedule. In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, one must take enough sleep to ensure responsiveness of the brain for the preparation.

Hence, time & health are the two most valuable assets for anyone going through exam preparation schedules. Therefore, plan well and study better. These tips help you to manage your time effectively and efficiently.

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