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Scored Less in NEET? Here are options other than MBBS.

With more than 15 lakh candidates writing NEET exam every year and less than 1 lakh seats, more than 90 percent students are bound to fail in securing admission in medical colleges of the country. There are many times when even good students are not able to score good marks in exams due to external reasons.With such uncertainties in exams, students are advised to always have a plan B when preparing for a highly competitive exam.

Dropping  an academic year is not easy and sometimes not advisable as it demands a tremendous amount of self discipline in preparing for NEET. It is very important for students to make an informed decision when they are deciding about their career and having a plan B brings the right balance. Students wishing to make a career in healthcare should know that MBBS and BDS is not the only way but there are many other rewarding opportunities too. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. AYUSH Doctor: Students can consider studying Indian traditional medicine in order to build a career in healthcare. They may apply for homeopathy studies i.e. BHMS, ayurvedic studies i.e. BAMS, naturopathy and yoga science i.e. BNYS, unani medicine i.e. BUMS. Recently, there has been a significant recognition granted to the Indian traditional medicine system and the Ministry of AYUSH has been created.
  2. Nutrition and Dietetics: This course is based on the relationship between body and food intake. The main responsibilities of a nutritionist is to make people choose the right food, promote healthy eating habits, thereby protecting them from nutrition related deficiency conditions. The course duration is of 3 to 4.5 years.
  3. Paramedical Courses: Paramedical courses include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, optometry, medical lab, operation theatre tech, cardiac, dialysis tech, ECG technician, X-Ray technician, etc which provide lucrative career opportunities for students aspiring career in healthcare.
  4. Biological Sciences: Students having interest in living organisms and life forms may choose to opt for studying Biological Sciences by applying for a U.G. course. This will involve study of origin, development, growth, structures, evolution of life forms. Studying Biological Sciences allows students to move into pharmaceutical industries or they may even pursue research in this area.
  5. Biotechnology: Students can opt for other entrance exams to various colleges offering undergraduate courses in Biotechnology. They can  go for studying microbiology,  virology, immunology, food technology, genetics engineering etc. thereby opening doors to various industries as well as into academic research.

Students should not get disappointed after one failure and not stick their life around one thing. There are ample opportunities in every field and hard work certainly pays off at some time.

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