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JEE Advanced: how to use the remaining days in best way

JEE advanced is scheduled for August 28, 2022. After JEE main, about 2 months will be left for JEE advanced. JEE main is just half the journey for IITs. To get into IIT, what really matters is your performance in JEE advanced. It doesn’t mean that students should take JEE main lightly, but they should maintain their pinpointed focus on JEE advanced.

No doubt JEE main is tiring, so students can take 2 or 3 days of break to rejuvenate their mental and physical strengths. After getting recharged, students should get back to work and best prepare for the coming JEE advanced exam. This article will cover how students can best utilise the remaining time for cracking JEE advanced.

  • Revise NCERTs– Revising NCERTs for chemistry and physics is the basic step. Students can easily go through Chemistry and physics NCERTs during these 2 months. As questions are often directly copied from NCERTs, it’s best to revisit them at least twice or thrice.
  • Revise your notes- Revision is one of the key factors for success in JEE advanced. It’s no doubt boring but very much required. If you have prepared short notes, revisions will be like a cakewalk. Subject-wise revision is one of the best strategies. During July, you can revise one subject per week. Within 3 weeks, all the syllabi of the three subjects will be covered. Two weeks before the final exam in August, you can schedule the final revision.
  • Practise- Practise is the only thing that helps you succeed in this exam. Once you have revised the syllabus, all the details are once again fresh in your mind. What you need to do know is to practise as many questions as possible. Start with the PYQs and then move to the mock test series. Daily students should try to give subject-wise mock tests for JEE. Every week 3 full-length mock tests can very well prepare for JEE advanced. 
  • Maintain good health- JEE is no doubt stressful, but you don’t have to get stressed. Just prepare well for the exam and believe in yourself. You can succeed. Moreover, try to maintain good health; any diseases or stressed related health issues can downgrade your performance. Students can best practice meditation to calm down their nerves and boost their cognitive abilities.
  • Follow a schedule- Following a schedule will help you ensure that you give sufficient time to every activity, be it studies, sleep or recreation. These coming 2 months can be said as the most important months of your lifetime. A schedule can ensure that you best utilise each and every minute of the day. Students can refer to the article- Daily Routine for JEE Main 2022 preparation, for preparing a schedule. 

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