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JEE Main syllabus 2022

JEE main syllabus for year 2022 has been already released by NTA (National Testing Agency). You can check it on the official website jeemain.nta.nic.in. 

JEE main consists of two papers. Paper 1 for B.Tech whose syllabus consists of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of class 11th and class 12th while paper 2 is for B.Arch, B.Plan. 

Here I am writing down the syllabus for paper 1 of JEE main 2022 that is Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Paper 2A (B.Arch) covers Mathematics, Aptitude and Drawing. Paper 2B (B.Plan) covers Mathematics, Aptitude and Planning.  

  • JEE main syllabus 2022 for Physics

The syllabus for JEE main 2022 for physics is divided into two sections, section A and section B. Section A consists of theory part that has weightage of 80% in the exam and section B consists of practical component or experimental part that has weightage of 20% in the exam.   

Section A (Theory)

Physics and measurement, rotational motion, thermodynamics, kinematics, work, energy and power, properties of solids and liquids, gravitation, laws of motion, oscillation and waves, electronic devices, kinetic theory of gases(KTG), current electricity, optics, communication systems, electromagnetic induction and alternating currents, magnetic effects of current and magnetism, electromagnetic waves, electrostatics, dual nature of matter and radiation, atoms and nuclei

Section B (Experiment)

Vernier callipers, screw gauge, simple pendulum, metre scale, young’s modulus, surface tension, co-efficient of viscocity, cooling curve, speed of sound, specific heat capacity, resistivity, resistance, potentiometer, galvanometer, focal length, refractive index, plot of angle of deviation vs angle of incidence, characteristics curves of p-n junction diode, zener diode, transistor, identification of diodes, multimeter 

  •  JEE main syllabus 2022 for Chemistry

Chemistry syllabus has three sections: Organic, Inorganic and Physical.

  • Organic chemistry 

Purification and characterization of organic compounds, hydrocarbons, chemistry in everyday life, principles related to practical chemistry, organic compounds containing halogens, oxygen and nitrogen, polymers, some basic principles of organic chemistry, bio-molecules.

  • Inorganic chemistry

Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, hydrogen, block elements(alkali and alkaline earth metals, p-block, d and f-block), co-ordination compounds, environmental chemistry, general principles and process of isolation of metals 

  • Physical chemistry

Some basic concepts in chemistry, atomic structure, chemical bonding and molecular structure, states of matter, chemical thermodynamics, solutions, equilibrium, redox reaction and electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry

  •  JEE main syllabus 2022 for Maths

Complex numbers and quadratic equations, matrices and determinants, differential equations, binomial theorem and its simple applications, sets, relation and function, sequence and series, vector algebra, mathematical induction, permutation and combination, statics and probability, trigonometry, mathematical reasoning, co-ordinate geometry, integral calculus, limits, continuity and differentiability, three- dimensional geometry

This is the JEE main syllabus for paper 1 for those who want to pursue B.tech. One who wants to appear for paper 2 that is for B.Arch and B.Plan can download the syllabus from the official website of JEE main. All the best, start your preparation for JEE main 2022.

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