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Is 75% Criteria removed for JEE 2023 as well?

Let’s start with what 75% criteria is and how it is related to the JEE exam. The 75% criteria states that one needs to score at least 75% in class 12th board exam or top 20 percentile in equivalent exam, then only aspirant will be eligible to sit for JEE exam. There is relaxation given in 75% criteria to SC and ST category candidates, they need to score 65% in 12th board exam to be eligible for JEE. So, 75% marks can be considered as a cut off that one needs to meet if an aspirant wants to appear for JEE exams.

The thing is that 75% criteria is not given much attention before JEE main some of the time, but 75% criteria needs to be fulfilled before sitting in Advanced exam. One may wonder why it is so, if 75% criteria is both for JEE main and JEE advanced then why is it not considered before JEE main exam. It is so, because by the time people appear for JEE Main, board results are not out. But once the results are out, he/she needs to meet 75% criteria for JEE for further steps.

Till now we have discussed only about 75% criteria. Now let’s move ahead. This 75% criteria is one of those criteria which an aspirant needs to always meet. But a change happened because there is no such criteria for JEE 2022. For JEE 2022, the 75% criteria had been waived off by the Ministry of Education. This criteria has been removed due to lockdown and Corona, school studies have been affected a lot and scores are also not up to the mark. 

But as this 75% criteria has been waived off for JEE 2022, there are many people thinking that 75% criteria will be removed for JEE 2023 as well. So, the answer to this question cannot be answered because no decision has been made on this yet. But on the basis of situation analysis we can discuss what could be the possibilities. Look for JEE 2023, classes have not been affected much so there is very less chance for removal of 75% criteria in JEE main 2023. Thus, it’s better to focus on preparation and try to score at least 75% in board exams.

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