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Best mode of study for JEE Preparation

In the modern era because of COVID, everything is running online- from work to studies, the JEE preparation or preparation is also becoming online day by day. So, there are number of coachings which are running offline/online. Mode of JEE preparation can be either of these. Now it depends on you that which mode suits you best for preparation. So here we will be discussing about different modes of JEE preparation in detail.


Offline mode of JEE preparation was very common and it still is because people have been going to offline coaching from years because they have heard about it from their friends, family, relative, cousins. They have trust on offline mode of JEE preparation because offline coachings are more traditional. Those aspirants who prepare for JEE coaching either stay in hostel or they do daily travelling from their place to coaching and back to place. The biggest disadvantage of offline coaching is that if you miss any lecture then you can’t get back to that particular lecture. You have to ask your peers for help or notes. And it consumes too much time and energy travelling to coaching class daily back and forth, that students don’t get enough time for self-study and thus end up failing.  


Online mode of JEE preparation has spread meticulously over the last two years because of COVID. Preparing through online mode also has many sets of advantages like lectures can be accessed from anywhere anytime. If you missed any lecture then you have option to replay that lecture. As lectures are recorded as well as live. Also as JEE exams are now being held online, so if one prepares for JEE through online mode then he/ she will not face any difficulty during the actual exam. 

So day by day online mode of JEE preparation is becoming more famous and trustable. Live Online coaching has many facilities which offline coaching does not have. You are staying at your home and learning in peace. You save tons of time and money. Online coaching provides you one-on-one interaction with the teacher. The absence of other students ensures that you concentrate better with fewer or no distractions. 

Now the choice depends totally on the aspirants on which mode he/she wants to choose. Students who want to save time and use that time efficiently for self-study usually choose Online mode. Students who prefer old school learning choose offline mode. 

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