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Math plays a very important role in the preparation of JEE and sometimes math is that subject which decides the rank of students, it is that part where one topper can lose his/her rank without considering its importance and an average student can be exceptional if they perform well in mathematics.

Let’s see what should be the study tips for mathematics to score well in JEE mains as well as in JEE Advanced.

As math is a practical subject where theory part is 5-10% only and rest of the part is completely numerical based where you have to use your application strategy and concepts to score in it.

So in mathematics, the most important factor is ‘PRACTICE’ as the more you will practice the better you understand it and the better you will score, math is just like your partner- the more you give her time, the more you will understand her and better will be your relationship!

So just give your most of the time to mathematics as this subject needs practice.

Next thing which I want to add is that students usually are confused which book to solve for mathematics JEE and what to do in mathematics?

So here is the one word solution:-

Firstly, solve your coaching material.

Next solve the past year questions of JEE mains as well as of JEE advanced by yourself and do revision of above things as much as you can and if you feel this material is less, then you may go with cengage publication also but don’t follow these bulky books as these books just creat stress rather than helping much in your preparation.

Last thing which i want to say is give more priority to those chapters whose questions will surely come in JEE like Mathematical reasoning, Statistics, Limit, differential equations, conic sections etc… And priority wise go down ward like don’t focus much on Trigonometry as it takes a lot of time to understand but its weightage is very less or we can say negligible.

Just take care of all the above things and in short I will conclude with :-

1. Practice

2. Specific material to solve

3. Priority wise study.

All the best.

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Chirag Bhatia
Chirag is pursuing his B. Tech. from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology popularly known as NSUT affiliated to Delhi University and is currently in his 2nd year.
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