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How to reach from 0 to 650 in NEET

Getting 650 in NEET is not that tough . First of all you should be well prepared for hard work. In NEET,  hard work always pays off. The more you work hard the more you get in NEET. 

Few tips along with hard work you must do are: 

Study N.C.E.R.T properly: No book can compete with N.C.E.R.T. You have to go through it line by  line and very carefully. You should know the meaning of every word written in it. There is always a  myth that only with N.C.E.R.T you can’t achieve your goal but believe in fact that N.C.E.R.T is above all. 

•See previous year question paper: Questions in NEET are usually of the same pattern. Try to know the  pattern of questions asked and focus more on that. There are many questions that are repeated also. 

Revise : Revise as soon as you can. The more you revise, the stronger your concepts  become and the less you forget. 

Practice more and more multiple choice questions. At first start from doing chapter wise multiple  choice questions and then shift to the whole syllabus multiple choice questions.  

•On initial days give 60% of time in studying and rest in practicing multiple choice questions. And as  your exam comes closer do the reverse of it. 

Management of time and consistency is important. You have to give time each day to all 3 subjects. Divide your time properly . Like if you study for 4 hours then each subject should take 1 hour and the rest 1 hour should be for multiple choice questions. 

•Have a proper sleep and don’t take stress. Study efficiently and properly. Don’t just sit and study  for 10 hours a day . Give at least 4-6 hours everyday of efficient studying. 

• Try to focus on concepts more than just learning them. The more your concepts are clearer the more  you will retain. 

•Always set a target of the day . And try to achieve that target on the day itself. 

Write important points and concepts in your N.C.E.R.T itself . So that at the end, you have to  revise it from one book itself. 

•For different formulas and examples , write it on a paper and stick it on your desk and see it everyday. 

•Try to avoid social media. Social media only wastes your time . Try to avoid it as much as you can.  Just a few months of hard work will give you your college dream seat. 

•Try to make pnemonics to learn examples and concepts. The more interesting the pnemonic is , the more  you remember it. 

CHECK YOURSELF: Before the day ends, always know what your output is. Have you utilized your day efficiently? 


With proper hard work and dedication ,you can surely achieve your target.  

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