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JEE Advanced 2022 Exam analysis: Update

JEE Advanced 2022 Exam was held on Sunday August 28, 2022. It was conducted for JEE aspirants to get admission at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). This year JEE advanced was held in 577 centers in 124 cities with 1,56,089 aspirants present for the exam and it was divided into two shift, morning shift was scheduled at 9am to 12pm and the evening shift was scheduled at 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, The paper pattern had two section, Paper 1 had 54 question and paper 2 had 54 question each carried 180 marks with total 360 Marks. The JEE exam result (Advanced) 2022 will be released on Sunday September 1, 2022, at around 10 AM from the official JEE Advanced website- jeeadv.ac.in

JEE Advanced 2022: Mathematics Paper 1 and Paper 2

While in Mathematics, the questions were lengthy and difficult. In Paper 1, 8 questions were numerical.  In Paper 2, 8 were Numerical Single digit value types. Topics like Probability, Complex Number, Definite, Differential Equation, Determinantes & Matrices, Vector +3D, limit chapter were seen in the mathematics paper.

JEE Advanced 2022: Chemistry paper 1 and 2 

While in Chemistry, multi concept questions had been asked, Chapter wise had questions from Organic Chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Hydrocarbon, Amines, p-block, s-block, Chemical Bonding, Metallurgy Salt Analysis, coordinate Compound were seen in the question paper. It was a moderate paper comparison to two subjects mostly from NCERT textbook.

JEE Advanced 2022: Physics Paper 1 and 2

While in Physics, as per Students’ POV, paper 2 was a bit more difficult compared to paper 1 because in paper 2 negative marking was more. Though, it’s more of a hype of Physics being extremely tough, conceptual and lengthy. Chemistry was moderate compared to those two subjects.  Chapter wise questions came from ray optics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity Rotation, Fluid, Nuclear etc. were seen in the question paper.

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