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The Benefits of choosing Medical profession in India

The journey to becoming a Doctor is a long and demanding one. It’s like building an empire and rome wasn’t built in a day.
To become a consultant level doctor, you’d have to devote a bare minimum of 12 years of your life towards the medical sciences. How ?
MBBS – 5.5 years
MS/MD – 3 years
Mch/DM – 3 years
Total ~ 12 years
And that is assuming you crack each and every highly competitive national level exam in one go.
The duration of the journey isn’t the only thing daunting about it, there’s more to it than meets the eye in fact.
Just to complete MBBS, a student has to go through the gruelling task of completing 19 subjects, including and not limited to subjects like — Anatomy, Pharmacology, Otorhinolaryngology, Surgery, Paediatrics, etc.
There’s a reason why the Indian parents still falls in love when their child says that he/she wants to become a Doctor.
Here are some of the perks of becoming a Good Doctor in today’s day and age :-
1) Socially: Doctors are well received members of the society and are still revered by many who call them an avatar of God in earth.
2) Financially: Granted that the learning curve isn’t steep and it takes years to become a well earning Doctor but when compared to an average employed Indian a good doctor on an average performs significantly well.
3) Career Flexibility: Since MBBS is at the base of medical science education and sufficient exposure is provided to every department – clinical or paraclinical. A PG aspirant can opt for any stream based on his/her own liking, which ultimately bring in work satisfaction.
4) Opportunities: Provided that medical sciences is here to stay and is continuously evolving, the opportunities are plethora. You can give a couple of screening exams and fulfill your dream of working in the US or UK or New Zealand even. Visas are relatively easier to avail as every country wants to strengthen it’s Medical Resources, doctors are vital to which.
5) Secure state of Mind : As time advances several jobs vanish. A decade ago news channels used to hire a cameraman and a helicopter to do live reporting of difficult to reach places, the advent of drones made both the professions go extinct. The scene is different when it comes to medical sciences, as long as humans exist, so will Doctors. The advent of AI is likely only to supplement the profession and not to replace it.
6) Gratification: The moment you heal a patient, the moment you relieve a person of his sufferings or maybe the moment you help deliver a baby to a mother, there is an extreme sense of satisfaction and Gratification. It’s hard to quantify but it’s something a lot of Doctors live for.
7) Impact on the Society : Several Doctors and hospitals provide broadly utilitarian services to the society and the community by setting up medical camps. Several highly qualified doctors work at these camps free of cost for the well being of the less fortunate. The ability to make this kind of impact on the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people is something not everyone can have.

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