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How to cope up with the level of anxiety and nervousness for NEET.

The moment you start preparing, everyone is a little skeptical of their selection, but try not let your emotions take control over you and hamper your studies. It’s quite common to be anxious and nervous especially in the last few days remaining for the exam but my advice to you is, try to remain as calm as possible. I know it’s easier said than done but you have to do that for yourself, no one is going to do that for you. Following are some suggestions that I followed in my NEET journey that helped me to relieve some level of anxiety and nervousness for the exam. 

1.Incorporate meditation in your daily routine : Yogic exercise everyone takes very lightly but let me tell you it is immensely helpful for rejuvenating your brain and boosting your memory. Daily practice of meditation soothes your soul and mind and makes you more productive for the day and it helps you to control your mind to prevent the other way around (your mind controlling you). 

2.Frequently talk your feelings out with your parents and the friends you confide in: Sharing your feelings with your parents will relieve you from the pressure of expectations. Parents are excellent listeners and will guide you in the best possible way and always make you feel that no matter what the result is, they are always there to support all your decisions. Talk to your friends about the way you are feeling. They will help you to divert your mind from all those obnoxious feelings and will make you cheerful. 

3.Be a cheerleader for yourself: self-criticism is the worst thing you could have in your NEET journey, never ever doubt your performance because you know deep inside that if you’re honest with your preparations then no one can stop you from being selected. Always motivate yourself to get up the next day and start working towards your goal and be productive each day. 

4.Say goodbye to procrastination till you reach your target: Procrastination is the worst thing you could do in your preparations because it will only elevate your level of anxiety and will hamper productivity for the day. Don’t let your hard work down for a bit. It doesn’t mean exhausting yourself but maintaining consistency. 

5. Solve as many as previous year question papers and mock tests as you can: Try to attempt the mock tests in the same conditions as you’re going to face in future i.e. continuous sitting for 3 hours without any break and try to practice them on OMR sheets because it will give you a grasp how to fill it under the pressure and will relieve somewhat of your nervousness in the main exam. 

6. Your competition is first you and then others: As you know that NEET is one of the competitive exams in India and everyone’s competing against each other but your first priority should be performing better each passing day than your previous results. You can access this via attempting more mock tests and solving different types of question patterns. First try to beat your own score, build a confidence within you and ultimately you will be ready for facing the world. 

7.Frequent revisions : One of the main reason of stress and nervousness among the NEET aspirants is that they read everything but could not able to retain and this feeling frustrates them and hamper their performance thus in order to prevent this happening with you in future do vigorous revisions to retain facts and concepts by heart. It will also help you to manage time efficiently in the exam Hall and will bring the best outcome. 

Don’t make yourself burdened by others and your own expectations, never let your feelings take control over you. Make a realistic timetable for yourself from the beginning and stick to it diligently. Manage your time efficiently throughout the day and practice and actively recall some facts and concepts each day to boost your memory. Never accumulate your doubts, always clear them with your mentors and peers. Talk your feelings out and have faith in your journey and be determined to achieve your goal. 

Just focus on your target and try not to overthink about the outcome. Leave no stone unturned in order to be successful in your journey. 

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