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Does JEE preparation mean giving up on your routine?

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JEE preparation doesn’t mean giving up on your routine. It’s just that you need to make some changes in the routine, you need to add something new, need to remove something and sometimes timings need to be altered. As important as it is to prepare for JEE, it is equally important to follow your routine. Not only is following routine important but it’s important that you spend some time on your hobbies. Many of the JEE aspirants think that if they do continuous study then they can easily crack JEE but this is not the right strategy. If you study continuously then there could be these two things: depression or you might lose interest in study. Hence for healthy preparation, it’s important that you don’t give up on routine. For healthy and effective preparation you must do these things.

  • Follow routine

It’s important to follow a routine. If you will follow a routine/ time table for JEE preparation then positive results might be seen. For JEE preparation you may prepare a new routine/ time table as per the convenience or you may make some changes in the older routine. Your routine may include time for coaching/school, morning  time, bed time, food timings, outdoor time, exercise time and likewise.

  • Devote time to hobbies

It happens that in our busy schedule we don’t give time to our hobbies. But believe me, spending time on hobbies is equally important as it is to study. But it’s important that you don’t spend more than required time on hobbies because then hobbies may look like a waste of time because you will have very limited time for JEE preparation. 

  • Take breaks

Look, no one can study continuously. Hence, it’s important to take a break between studies. This break can be in any form. This break can be for gym, sports, exercise, singing, dancing, listening to music, taking naps, watching movies or T.V., reading the newspaper or something else. But break time should be for a limited time like 20 minutes or 30 minutes, not more than that. Taking breaks may refresh your mind, may fill you with new energy such that you may study with full enthusiasm after taking a break.

But frankly speaking, managing time for everything like preparation (study, revision, practice), hobby, breaks will be very difficult. Hence, you should try to build a habit of managing all the things, for a few days or for a week you should try to follow that routine to build a habit of regularity and consistency.

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