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How to deal with last month’s exam stress for JEE Main 2022?

The final countdown to JEE main 2022 has begun, with only a few weeks left for the exams. After several rounds of delay, the exam is now finally going to happen. Many students may be stressed during this period and even be panicking with the thought of exams closing in. 

But panic and stress will lead you nowhere, and on the downside, they can even ruin your two years of hard work and investment. Students at present need to control their minds and focus on their final preparation for the exam. In this writing, we will discuss the tips which students can follow to boost up and give the final touch to their preparation.

  • Have a schedule: During these final weeks, you need to get the maximum out of every minute of your day. Students need a schedule that they can follow rigorously to ensure the best preparation and time management. In your schedule, you should ensure that you get at least 6 hours of sleep, 1 hour of meditation or yoga, and two full-length mock tests daily.
  • Mocks and PYQs- If you haven’t started giving mock tests daily, start immediately. At present, your complete focus should be on the PYQs, and full length mocks. Apart from giving mocks, you should also analyse them to identify your mistakes and inefficiencies and work on correcting them. Also, focus on mastering the art of time and paper management. Every year, paper is unique. The more you practise, the better you will be able to handle the questions during the actual exam.
  • Meditation and Yoga- One of the best ways to relax and calm your mind is to meditate. Every morning, you can dedicate a few minutes to meditation to calm and strengthen your cognitive abilities for the day. This meditation practice will also help you calm down and relax in the examination hall. Students can even go out for a walk in the morning and evening to freshen up their minds. 
  • Revise- It is better to spend time revising than panicking. Within the available time, you can go through NCERTs at least once. Students who have made short notes during their preparation will be at a greater advantage here, as they can revise the entire syllabus at least twice during this time.
  • Avoid gossip and social media- Students get into gossip and rumours during the last week. It will be better if you avoid them. You just need to concentrate on your studies and exam at present. 

Wishing all the best to the students, we hope that you are preparing well, and with these tips, you will prepare even better. 

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