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Benefits of joining foundation course for JEE and NEET

Are you aspiring to become an engineer or a doctor?

Parents and students face many doubts and get worried, searching for a satisfying answer about what they should do to crack JEE or NEET? Parents find it difficult to contemplate whether their child should join a coaching class for JEE or NEET. Even there are different opinions about when one should start preparing for JEE/NEET. Some say join after the 10th, some say it’s best to start after the 11th. But the answer to such doubts is that once someone decides that they want to pursue engineering or become a doctor in the future, she/he should join PracBee foundation classes as soon as possible. Planning for your career should be from an early stage of life.

All children are not of equal calibre and they do not possess the capability to grasp every subject with equal promptness. What to do when your child does not get the desired result in school? Well, the foundation courses can help you if you are facing these problems.

Students from the 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th standard can enrol themselves on the Foundation courses to be better prepared and find the right path to crack the competitive examinations. Some of the benefits of joining the PracBee foundation course are as follows:

Gets your competitive exam mode on:

Foundation classes play a pivotal role in the development of the minds of the students from an early age. It helps the students in building a strong logical foundation, connecting concepts, application of formulas, and solving the equations. And once the mind is trained to operate in that manner, focused on the goal of becoming an IITian or a doctor, this motivates and helps you work harder.

One step ahead of others:

Students preparing for JEE/NEET from class 7th will have extra benefits over their fellow mates. The study materials are created and strategically constructed by experts, helping understand the basic concepts in a much more simplistic way. Early preparation leaves you with plenty of time for practice and revision.

Strengthening the basic concepts:

As we go from one class to the other, we tend to forget our basic concepts and then we find it difficult to understand the associated concepts. Foundation courses assist you by helping you strengthen your foundation, and your basic concepts first, and then move ahead with the advanced concepts. Enrolling yourself in the PracBee foundation course would provide you with good guidance and the opportunity to learn your basic concepts well and prepare you not just for the JEE or NEET exam but even help you excel in your school exams.

The clarity in the exam pattern:

When you join a foundation course, it helps you in developing your knowledge regarding the exam pattern; enhance the skills needed, understand which are the important topics and much more. This approach also helps in better preparation for the examination.

Mock tests and Doubt Solving Sessions:

By joining the PracBee foundation course, you would be in an ecosystem where, along with the classes, you would have to solve mock tests. This will give you an idea of how to approach the actual exam and even helps you improve your weakness. The doubt clearing sessions are a real lifesaver for the students.

Mentoring from top faculties having 10+ years of teaching experience:

To crack the JEE or NEET examination, one needs proper guidance from the subject experts. The experienced faculties have the expertise of 10+ years of the topics that are covered every year and stay constantly updated to provide you with the best. At PracBee classes, the students are pushed in the right direction so that they get better assistance and guidance in every concept, topic, and subject.

Quality study material:

The foundation class provides high-quality study materials like modules, mock tests, and solution sets to the students so that they can clear out their basics and achieve their targets easily. The study material provided by PracBee is constructed in a way that is easy to understand so that the students do not have to face difficulty while studying for the exams.

Result-oriented preparation:

The foundation class teachers build the student in a way that she/he approaches her/his goal in a more refined manner. Students learn to be decisive and about prioritizing time and effort. The tests and the doubt solving help the students understand where they stand in terms of preparation, what changes in the approach they need to make to improve and how to make their weaknesses as their strengths.

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The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students.

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