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JEE Mains Math Paper Analysis of February 2021 Session

 Following is the question distribution from different chapters of Physics in February 2021 session of JEE Main

  1. There is no consistency in pattern of no. of Questions asked per topic.
  2. Few Topics like P&C, Probability, Matrices, Relation & Functions, AOD, Definite Integrals, Area, Straight Lines, Vectors, 3-D & Mathematical Logic had Questions in all the exams.
  3. More importantly if we see sections like Algebra, Differential Calculus, Integrals Calculus, Trigonometry etc the Sum of Questions lies in a Short Range. This means paper was designed keeping sections in mind and not the topics. So its wise to Prepare in terms of Sections rather than topic.
  4. Vectors & 3-D had 3 Easy Questions in all the attempts. This should be a must do topic.
  5. The Level of Questions was much difficult than exams in past.
  6. For getting Questions correct One must prepare selective sections thoroughly rather than preparing all the sections superficially.
  7. Combining all the arguments we can clearly see that one can choose either of the combinations of sections as illustrated below. Focus on all the topics of a section and develop in depth knowledge of these topics to get Questions correct.  Few Combinations to get beyond 98 percentile can be as follows.  

Strategy -1

Algebra + Differential Calculus + Vectors & 3-D + Logic= 19 Questions (76 Marks)

Strategy -2

Algebra + Integral Calculus + Vectors & 3-D + Logic = 19 Questions (76 Marks)


Differential Calculus + Integrals Calculus + Vectors & 3-D  + Logic = 16 Questions (64 Marks)

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