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How to score better in Chemistry for JEE.

Chemistry is considered as the easiest subject in the JEE preparation because as compared to Physics and Mathematics it is easy to understand, but even after this many students are not able to score better in chemistry.

Let us understand this chemistry part in a better way so that we can score well with less input.

Here I will divide chemistry into 3 parts I.e.

• Physical Chemistry

• Inorganic Chemistry

• Organic Chemistry 

Now we will discuss the strategy of each and every part so that we can score good marks with less effort.

Physical Chemistry:- It is easy to moderate part of the chemistry because it is a practical subject just like Physics and Mathematics.

For this subject follow the following steps:

1. Solve only one study material, don’t go with too many books 

2. After solving a particular material, move to the last year’s questions and solve it by yourself.

3. Lastly, practice questions of important chapters like Solutions, Coordination compounds, Chemical Kinetics etc and give more priority to these chapters as questions from these chapters are sure shot in JEE and they are easy too.

Coming to the Next part i.e. Inorganic Chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry: – This is that part which focuses on your cramming ability.

Most of the students think that if they give more time to it then it will be stronger but this is partially correct because we already have too much syllabus and it’s hard to give time to this part so follow this strategy to score maximum marks in this. 

1. Make proper notes of inorganic chemistry and try to cover only important things in the notes because if you will cover each and every thing then you won’t be able to remember even the important part so avoid making bulkier notes.

2. Revise these notes on a daily basis like 15 minutes in morning and evening. By doing these concepts and equations will set into your subconscious mind, which will help you a lot on the exam day.

3. Lastly, solve all those types of questions which are usually asked in the JEE Exam as most of the questions of Inorganic chemistry get repeated.

Coming to the last part i.e. Organic Chemistry.

Organic chemistry: -This is that part which is neither a theory part nor a numerical part, it’s something new where you have to use your own mind as well as concepts. Many students consider Organic chemistry as hard and some consider it as easy so let’s discuss the strategy for this part too.

1. For this subject you need to start from the very beginning, which means you can’t take any random topic to study for this you need to go in a sequence.

2. Learn the basics of organic chemistry very sincerely because if organic chemistry is a human body then basics of organic chemistry is its heart. So never ever learn organic chemistry without learning basics.

3. Solve as many questions as you can but make sure you are starting with level one questions and then moving to the next level as organic chemistry may seem hard if you start doing higher level questions first.

I hope you understand the way to learn complete chemistry in a better way. Lastly, I would suggest trying to give 1.5-2 hours a day to chemistry. This much time will be more than enough.

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