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According to a fact, the human brain forgets 50 % and more information of the same thing which it read that day. So just imagine for retaining the vast syllabus of the NEET exam how important revision is. 

It’s good to have a pace while studying and completing chapters day by day but never ever forget to revise them simultaneously because if you revise them after 1 month or more you can barely recall anything and it will be almost like starting it from the beginning. So revise your concepts frequently in order to retain them for the long term and save your time while solving questions in the main exam. 

First Revision of a previously read chapter should take at least half of the time of what you took when you first started the chapter and in 2nd revision the time consumed should be even less and so on. Thus this will develop your brain to store that information for a longer term and it will be very beneficial for you in the long run. 

In physics and chemistry write the formulas in a single place and revise them vigorously to increase your efficiency while solving questions and revision of these subjects is best with solving different patterns of questions. Thus solve as many as previous year question papers and mock tests to have a grip on these subjects. In biology, for proper revision, make flash cards or write the important information on sticky notes and paste them on your study table and visit them daily. Secondly give at least 8-10 readings of biology NCERT to have each and every fact on your fingertips, thus boosting your future performance. 

The value of active recall is also very important in your revision process. The process of active recall means revising the facts of the read chapter in your mind and answering the self-made short questions in your head. Make notes and stick it on your study table and visit several times in a day for active recall. This practice is very much helpful for the long run and will definitely boost your performance. 

Therefore in synopsis, revision is a must to crack the exam and increase your rank. Revision is one of the major differences between a topper and an average student. Thus don’t settle for less and revise as often as you can. 

All the very best!! Put your heart into your preparations and see the miracle in future. 

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Prerna Rajput
Prerna Rajput is a 2nd year Medical student at the Government Doon Medical College.
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