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JEE: Crack with these basic principles & techniques

1. Join a good coaching institute

Now a days coaching is not only necessary but it is a must thing which you have to do before starting your JEE preparation, as a coaching institute provides you an organized path for your JEE. It will also help you to solve only the limited material for JEE as most of the students preparing for JEE are very confused with the material that what to solve and what not to solve.

PracBee provides Live Online One-On-One classes for JEE/NEET Aspirants. We have some of the best teachers in the country. It is very important to find a good coaching with experienced teachers and PracBee has around 50+ combined years of teaching experience.

2. Work hard with consistency

Now coming to the next part, which is very important for every student who ever is preparing for competitive exam like JEE.

Hard work is the most basic requirement in any of the exam but hard work doesn’t mean that you study for 10-15 hours and won’t study for next 7 days at all. Hard work is counted if you study with consistency, like if you study 5 hours daily with full consistency. And that is one of most important factor to succeed in exam.

3. Study according to your strength 

This point that is important for those students who always follow toppers blindly without thinking twice.

There are many students who prefer asking toppers for tips. If the topper says that their  study hours are 3 hours for physics, 2 hours for mathematics and 1 hour for chemistry then the student asking also tries to study in the same way, but this is absolutely wrong way. It is better for you to follow your own strength and study topics according to your own level of preparation which means if you feel like your chemistry is weakest among all, then you should give more time to that rather than following the time table of a topper.

4. Take it easy

This suggestion might seem useless to some but this is the most important. Many people say that JEE is the second hardest exam and not everyone can clear the exam and many more things. But in reality all these things are myth and these words only create fear in the mind rather than solving any of the problems. So I strongly suggest you to take this as a part of your life and just give your best.

5. Mock papers

This is the last step, when you are all done with your JEE preparation. Mock papers are very much necessary as it gives you a rough idea of your exam day. Take FREE mock tests on our website Abhyas (abhyas.pracbee.com)

On exam day you need to solve questions within the time limit so at that time it is hard for us to manage both the things but mock papers gives us strength and strategy so that we can face the exam easily.

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