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NEET 2022 Application Deadline Extended, can the exam get Postponed?

NTA has extended the deadline for submitting the NEET 2022 form to May 15th. Students who have still not submitted the form or are confused about taking the examination now have sufficient time to clarify themselves and fill out the form. 

The last day of form submission was May 6th, but it has been extended to May 15th till 11:50 PM. Further, NTA has mentioned nothing about the examination. Many students have submitted requests for postponement of the exam, but NTA has given no reply.

Can the exams get postponed?

NEET exams are scheduled for July 17th, which is about two months away. Unlike JEE, which holds exams twice a year, NEET is conducted only once a year. So, many students have staged a demand that NEET should also be conducted twice a year, but NTA has given no official response or reply.

So, in such a situation, not get illusioned about any change in examination date. It’s better to prepare by keeping in mind the July 17th date. If any exam date change appears, they will be still at an advantage as they will have more time to revise.

Another news- “NEET-UG scores to be used for admitting female candidates in BSc Nursing at AFMS colleges: NTA.”

NTA has also announced that NEET-UG scores now can be used to admit female candidates to selected Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) colleges.

The selected colleges and seats are- College of Nursing, AFMC Pune – 40 seats; College of Nursing, CH (EC) Kolkata – 30 seats and College of Nursing, INHS Asvini, Mumbai – 40 seats.

Last month revision strategy for NEET.

  • Eat, Read, Revise, Sleep, Repeat

Students should reread, rewrite, and rework until concepts become strong and they can recall them quickly. It’s better to prepare a revision schedule and make sure that you revise the syllabus at least twice before the exam.

  • Practice mock tests.

Students should give as many full-length mock tests as possible. They should analyse it also to get the best out of mocks. The main objective of analysing a mock test is to identify the strong and weak areas, as they are designed as per the NEET exam pattern. Many students procrastinate giving mock tests, but it can result in the loss of valuable time left for the exam, adversely affecting your NEET score. So, please don’t delay your mocks for later days, as it will overburden you before the exam.

  • Keep Faith and Stay Focused

Students should believe in themselves and their preparation. Your hard work will surely help you, but only when you have faith in your efforts. So, stay confident, focused and enthusiastic about your exam.

  • Don’t just keep watching class videos.

The last month is not to watch class videos which may run hundreds of hours in total. Last month should be dedicated to revision and mock tests.

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