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How to study chemistry to score good marks in NEET exam

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Chemistry is always considered as a scoring subject in the NEET exam. In the NEET exam, around 45 questions come from the chemistry section.  Students always make big mistakes by not studying this subject well. Chemistry improves your overall score in the NEET exam.

The candidate always aims to score good marks in the NEET exam.

To score good marks in chemistry follow the tips given below.

First, know your syllabus and divide your syllabus on the basis of  weightage of marks,  always start your chemistry preparation with NCERT. Revision should be an important part of your timetable.

Chemistry have three section for the NEET exam :

Inorganic chemistry

Organic chemistry

Physical chemistry

In organic chemistry read the NCERT carefully, and you should know about the mechanism of reaction, and understand the NCERT organic reaction. First give importance to high weightage chapters like General organic compounds, haloalkanes, aldehyde and ketones and amines. You also should know about the strength of carbocation, carbanion, nucleophile, electrophile etc.  Practise maximum no. of organic reaction. You can refer to OP TANDON for organic chemistry. OP Tandon is a good book for organic chemistry. It will make your concepts crystal clear.

In inorganic chemistry, read the NCERT line by line, sometimes questions directly asked from the line of NCERT. Inorganic chemistry always gives importance to high weightage chapters like chemical bonding, block, p block, coordinate compound, and the structure of the atom. A periodic table should be at your fingertips. The periodic table is always helpful in all three organic, inorganic, and physical chemsístry. You can refer to Arihant’s question bank for inorganic questions.

In physical chemistry, to score good marks in this section. The formula should be on your tips,  you should also know about the application of the formula. Your basic math should be strong. Solve maximum no. of questions daily with accuracy. First give importance to important chapters like solution, solid state, equilibrium ( most important ) & thermodynamics.

Solve the previous year’s question paper, it will give you an idea about the question asked in the exam. Join mock test series and take the test seriously and make your weak points strong.

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