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How to manage boards and JEE preparation together

Confusion between the preparation of boards and JEE is very common, which should be chosen first and which later, if we are preparing for both together. Board paper consists of subjective type questions based on NCERT textbooks while JEE paper consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ). JEE main consists of MCQ questions only, while JEE advanced paper consists of MCQ (more than one answer correct), match the following, integer type. Hence, preparing simultaneously for the two exams needs to be done methodically and meticulously. Here’s how you can maintain the right balance between JEE and board exam preparation.

  • Know the syllabus and exam pattern of boards and JEE

Boards and JEE follow different exam patterns. Hence, it’s important to understand the exam pattern of both the examinations. For boards, you need to focus on theoretical knowledge and for JEE you need to focus on conceptual knowledge. JEE covers syllabus of both class 11th and 12th while board covers only syllabus of class 12th. There is no negative marking for boards. Boards is conducted in offline mode while JEE is conducted in online mode (computer based test).

  • Focus on fundamentals and solve numerical problems

Strong fundamentals ensure success in both boards as well as JEE. Basic concept for both exams remains the same. While preparing for boards, focus on understanding the concepts. And then solve a lot of questions and numerical problems. This approach will help to prepare for JEE and board simultaneously. While you will be preparing for boards, your JEE syllabus of class 12th will get prepared but for class 11th syllabus you need to prepare as well.

  • Follow NCERT Textbooks

NCERT textbooks play an important role in the preparation of both boards and JEE by bridging the gap between fundamental and tricky questions. So go through NCERT textbooks carefully at least 4-5 times including all the examples and questions. For class 11th also you can follow NCERT textbooks as basic study material. But for JEE preparation other reference books may be required like H C VERMA, R D SHARMA, chemistry by O P TONDON, P BAHADUR, ARIHANT publications book for mathematics, chemistry, physics. These books are good for JEE preparation. So for better scores follow these books.

  • Solve previous year papers

Solving previous year papers helps you to get familiarized with the exam pattern. So for better understanding of concepts and boosting your confidence, solve previous year papers. Solving previous year papers of both JEE and board will help you to prepare for both simultaneously.WhatsApp Image 2021-09-23 at 9.47.47 PM (2)

  • Find common topics

Some topics are common in both JEE and boards. Make a note of these topics and start preparing for these first. Read them in depth and practice questions on the same. It will help you to save your time and prepare simultaneously for both boards and JEE.

Make a time table for preparation, practice questions for JEE, practice writing answers for boards and prepare well for both exams JEE and board together.

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