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Expected JEE Main 2022 and NEET 2022 exam announcements

The discussion on the expected date for national level engineering and medical entrance exams are doing rounds. It is expected that JEE Main 2022 will be held in March, 2022. It is a speculation that the JEE Main will be held in March instead of February due to the upcoming Assembly Elections in five Indian States. The exams will be conducted by the National Testing Agency and the official date of NTA JEE Main 2022 will be announced on the official website of JEE Main, jeemain.nta.nic.in.

As per the recent updates, NTA JEE Main 2022 will be conducted four times from March to June. However, this schedule is tentative and the actual exam dates might be varying as per the condition of pandemic in India.

Also, the medical entrance exam i.e. NEET UG 2022 is expected to be held in the month of May this year. The exam will be conducted for MBBS admission to various medical colleges across the country. And the Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET), will also be held in the similar period i.e. May-June, 2022. For NEET UG 2022, as of now, the exam will be conducted only once and no news of multiple attempts for the medical entrance exam are in talks. The official announcements for JEE Main 2022 are expected anytime soon and it can also be done for the other exams in near future on their respective official websites.

The CUCET which was supposed to be held last year was not conducted due to the pandemic. However, the University Grants Commission had asked the universities to prepare to hold the CET exam 2022

Also, as per the current situation, there are very high chances of frequent changes and hence disruption in the exam dates. As the cases of virus contracted patients are increasing day by day, speculations of a third wave approaching soon are also doing rounds. This might also stress the students who are already stressed because of the exam pressure. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you prepare yourself for any sort of upcoming challenges. You can also seek advice from the people around who have appeared for the exam in the past two years. They can let you know the real time problem that one deals with during such unexpected situations and/or how to cope with them. Apart from this, you also need to prepare yourself mentally for the unexpected changes and must be thorough with your preparations. It is advised that you make yourself a flexible yet visioned schedule and follow it regularly. Also, do some research of the changes that have occured in the exam pattern and type in past years. This will help you with what can be expected during the exam.

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