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What should be the perfect strategy to get a decent score in the NEET exam?

NEET is considered as one of the toughest exams in India. Every year around 15 – 16 lakh students appear for this exam and only 50-60k can crack it. This blog will explain to you the strategy to crack this exam.

You should be well versed with the syllabus of the NEET exam. Based on the weightage of chapters, divide your timetable accordingly and give an ample amount of time to revision.


To get generous marks in physics, first, read your class notes then understand the concept well and memorize the formula competently. You can refer to DC PANDEY and HC VERMA for physics. It will make your topics concrete and crystal clear.


Make it a habit to read NCERT books daily. Prepare a realistic timetable that emphasizes giving enough time to NCERT biology book. For long chapters, divide the chapter into parts and read these smaller sections on daily basis.

Focus on high-weightage chapters

Plant Physiology: In plant physiology, more importance should be given to transportation, the Krebs cycle, the Calvin cycle, and the hormones chapter.

Division and Cell Biology

Ecology: Nowadays there is a trend that around 10-13 questions in the exam are asked from the ecology section.


In organic chemistry read the NCERTs carefully and you should know about the mechanism of the reaction, and understand the NCERT organic reactions. First, give importance to high-weightage chapters like General organic compounds, haloalkanes, aldehyde and ketones, and amines.

In Inorganic Chemistry, read the NCERT line by line, sometimes questions are directly asked from the NCERT. Periodic table should be on your fingertips. The periodic table is always helpful in organic, inorganic, as well as physical chemistry. You can refer to Arihant’s question bank for inorganic questions.

In physical chemistry, The formulas should be on your tips and you should be aware of the application of the formula. Your basic mathematics should be strong. Solve maximum no. of questions daily with accurateness. First give importance to important chapters like solutions, solid-state, equilibrium, and thermodynamics.

Join mock test series and solve the previous year’s question paper

NEET test series is always beneficial to enroll in, it helps you to boost your score. It also makes aspirants more familiar with the NEET exam pattern. Test series also facilitates the enthusiasm of the aspirants.

By solving test series, your question-solving rate also increases. Accuracy is also a significant part of the test series. By cracking the maximum no. of questions, your accuracy comes to be enhanced.

After solving the questions, analyze your mistakes, and encircle your incorrect questions. Try to find out the best alternative way to solve the incorrect questions. 

Regular practice

Solve previous year’s question papers regularly. Try to solve the previous year’s all-India NEET series because it has been observed that the maximum question in the NEET exam appears from the previous year’s NEET TEST SERIES.

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