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How to crack NEET in the first attempt?

It is good to have a goal in your life no matter when. If you have a goal and you are dedicated then no one can stop you to achieve that. 

If you are a NEET aspirant and have a goal to be in a good medical college, being determined is the first step. 

You can crack NEET and score well if you are determined to achieve it, regardless of your age or attempts. 

If you are in your 11th grade and you are determined to be in a medical college after 12th, you can do that but you have to do some things that are necessary for an aspirant. 

You have to be disciplined and persistent towards your studies and you have to work according to your schedule no matter what.

You have to energize yourself so that you work hard for it.

You must be having some dream, or goals that’s why you are studying so hard. So remember that dream or goal every day, to keep yourself motivated.

You have to be true to yourself. You are your own master here. You can lie to several other people, but only you know your condition.

So stay committed to your goal until you achieve that.

You should always stay careful and understand what is good for you and what’s not good for you.

You have to give your 100% in order to achieve your desired goals.

Be persistent with your studies. You have to give your 100% in order to achieve your desired goals. You have time so don’t just leave for tomorrow, because you also know when you procrastinate, it never happens. So do less, study less but never delay your schedule.

It’s ok to sacrifice your leisure for one or two years, so that you can do all that fun after selection, no one will taunt you that time. You can do whatever without any burden. It is necessary to be hard working. 

But along with hard work you also need to do smart work.

You have to know what topics are more important, what should be your revision strategy so that you can retain that knowledge till your exam. 

You very well know that each question is for 4 marks. Be it the easiest one, moderate one, or most difficult one. Difficulty level of each question varies from student to student. One question which is hard for you can be easy for other students and vice versa. 

So, the topics which you are good at, make them your best, so that you can answer any question from that topic. And work on the topics in which you are weak.

Do revision and practice questions as much as you can. More you solve questions; more you will retain and remember. 

Analyse each and every mistake of yours and try not to repeat it. This should be your major concern that you should not repeat your mistakes. Whether it be your questions, or time management or OMR sheet markings, etc. Your mistakes from your preparation can also happen in the main exam so don’t let your weakness affect your goal. So it is better to improve it. 

Now here is the most important advice for medical aspiring student that you should know that you want to be a Doctor and remind yourself again and again when you feel demotivated, lazy or anything of that sort that creates hurdles between you and your goal. 

White coat and stethoscope are earned by your hard work and dedication. Imagine yourself wearing them and work on yourself to earn that. 

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