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Proper study schedule for JEE 2022

JEE 2022 is soon to be held. As official dates are not announced yet, so an aspirant can utilize left over time for the JEE preparation for the year 2022. Here we are going to discuss preparation guide for JEE 2022 aspirant, JEE preparation tips, strategy, study plan and all other important things to keep in mind for effective JEE 2022 preparation.

As dates for JEE Main is not announced yet, so one can crack JEE Main 2022 if the aspirant starts preparing from now also. Study from NCERT textbooks and reference books, whether reading theory or solving problems. Avoid using multiple reference books and materials at this point of time. See the pattern and questions level of JEE main in previous year papers and make your strategy accordingly. Give mock tests & Practice problems at PracBee app.

Tips for preparation of IIT-JEE 2022: Print the syllabus of JEE and keep it with you till the exam is conducted, choose the books and materials required, identify your best study times and make a time table accordingly, remove all the unnecessary distractions and make a habit of studying every day at the same time, make short notes, keep revising again and again, analyze your tests and learn from mistakes, stay disciplined and consistent.

Prepare and follow a daily study schedule covering all the three subjects. Do not neglect any subject or nor give excessive time to one subject, devote equal time for each subject. First read the concept and then only start practicing problems. It’s the way to understand concepts in a better way. If you are not able to solve a problem, read the theory again and again till you get the feel of the topic. Do not leave any topic that you feel unimportant for the exam because questions in JEE can come from any topic in the syllabus. If you’re less interested in the subject you are studying, then first complete easier chapters and solve problems from them to gain the confidence for learning the difficult chapters. Study productively for long hours without lapsing concentration. Take small breaks between study sessions to maintain efficiency. Time management and pattern of solving questions is the key to score well in JEE. It can be only achieved by dedicated practice and questions solving. Include problem solving in your daily study schedule. You can even set the target of minimum number of questions which needs to be solved daily. Avoid backlogs, don’t keep pending work. Measure your learning and performance.

These are few tips which needs to be included in study schedule for better and effective results in JEE 2022.

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