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It takes 5.5 -6 years or more to graduate from med school as a doctor.  Most people complete their bachelor’s and master’s in that time frame.

Needless to say by the time one graduates he/she is looking forward to what’s next in their life? Most of your batchmates would opt for the most probable route that is the route to get into a speciality (Post graduation) and work as a JR in a college hospital. This article will shed light on some of the alternatives that one can take after graduating from med school.

1) DNB – Diplomate of National Board

As most think, it isn’t a diploma but a proper degree. You can pursue your higher education either as a MS/MD or as a DNB candidate. The cut-offs are comparatively low and difference are fast receding.

2) USMLE – United State Medical Licensing Exam

Most people already know about this and even if they don’t, they have atleast heard about it. Just like foreign medical graduates who have completed their MBBS from abroad have to write the FMGE exam to get license to practice Medicine in India.

Indian medical graduates need to write USMLE to practice medicine in the US.

It is a three phase exam – Step1 which is MCQ based, Step2 which is OSCE based and then there are interviews and Matching. It is a long and tedious process and most people start early for preparing for it.


This is similar to USMLE & is a licensing exam but for the United Kingdom.

It is also well sought after by the medical graduates who wish to pursue their higher education in the UK. It is comparatively cheaper and easier to get into. Success rates are good and the earning potential, while not as extraordinary as the US, would still be called good.


People write this exam to get a B grade (Medical) Officer in the Central Indian Government institutions like the railways and others.You’ll be aligned with the central government as a medical officer and have all the benefits of a government job.

The opening salary is usually around 1.25LPA, not bad for a fresh graduate straight out of MBBS.

5) Non academic JRShip at AIIMS

Non academic JRShip at AIIMS is an excellent option for those fresh medical graduates who wish to gain some world class clinical experience working alongside doctors and professors from AIIMS Delhi. It is a 6 month long course with plenty of clinical experience and exposure. The pay is good (~92k/month) and the opportunities to learn are even better. People usually get in through their INI-CET rank. January session the closing rank is around 6k AIR & September session the closing rank is around 19k AIR.

Hopefully this article would’ve been educating and you would’ve learnt something you didn’t know about earlier.

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Utkarsh Singh
Utkasrh Singh is a final year student at Rajiv Gandhi University of health and science.
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