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Which language is necessary for the JEE exam?

Which language is necessary for the JEE exam? This is one of those questions which might come to a few aspirants’ minds whereas others don’t even bother. For those who have been studying Hindi or English language for the last some years,  things might appear to be very easy but what about those JEE aspirants who know only their regional language? Is knowing only the regional languages enough for JEE exam? The thing is that the one who is preparing only for the JEE main exam need not worry about the languages as the exam is being conducted in 13 regional languages and those languages are English, Hindi, Urdu, Assamese, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, ODIA, Marathi, Malayalam, and Gujrati. But those aspirants who want to appear for the JEE advanced exam as well, need to know either Hindi or English language as the advanced exam is being held just in two languages and those languages are Hindi and English.

One can take the JEE main exam in any of the 13 regional languages and get into any NIT. But what happens once they get admitted to the college? The college faculties use just two languages which are Hindi and English and most of the time it will happen that they will be using only the English language because most of the students might not be comfortable with Hindi. So, now you can think about what will happen if you know only your regional language. There will be communication issues because of the language barrier. 

Not only for the exam purpose, one should try to learn different languages but also due to the needs of the environment. If you want to appear for the JEE main exam only then you can take the exam in your regional language because it will be more comfortable but you should know English or Hindi language such that you can speak and understand it. But for the JEE advanced exam Hindi or English is compulsory as you cannot write exams in other languages. So here English or Hindi becomes compulsory. 

Know your regional language but in addition know any one of the two languages I.e., English or Hindi, if possible then go with English. Because once you get into college then English will be needed at some point.

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