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Daily Routine for NEET 2022 exam

The National Testing Agency is the competent authority to conduct the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for all eligible candidates. As it is known to all, that NEET is the single largest medical entrance exam for UG courses, aspirants must have a daily routine for NEET 2022 revision strategies to crack the test. With NEET 2022 around the corner or to be precise around 3-4 months, it has become very important for candidates to prepare a daily schedule so as to not waste time and prepare for board exams and NEET simultaneously.

As a NEET aspirant one thing you shouldn’t overlook, that’s consistency. Remember by making a habit of studying everyday this whole preparation will be enjoyable. There are three subjects. When you feel tired switch subjects and keep practicing MCQs .There is no such thing called routine when your exams get near to the D-day. See it’s not advisable that you pass a day without studying at least an hour. Try to study every day and solve MCQs and listen some of your favourite music.

The below NEET 2022 timetable is for the students assuming that the NEET exam would be conducted around June – July. This near perfect NEET timetable is merely a recommendation; it is not obligatory that you plan your studies in accordance with it. You can change the NEET timetable below to suit your necessities. This routine may look harsh depriving you of your sleep and lots of studying. But in order to achieve a seat in prestigious AIIMS you have to sacrifice some amount of sleep to achieve your dream.

Follow it accordingly you can achieve good score and secure a seat in good college.

TimeDurationDaily RoutineWhat to do
5 AM30 minsWake up exactly at 5, Do some breathing exercise or yoga. Have your coffee and be at your study table before 5:30Early morning studies are known to be fruitful. So it’s better to start your day at 5.
5:30 to 8:002.5 hoursRevise the NEET planned portions practiced before bed.You can divide the NEET topics for the day and start your preparation
8:00 – 8:3030 minsHave your breakfastDon’t skip your breakfast and make sure that you have a healthy breakfast
8:30 to 11:303 hoursDo a mock testAs doing a mock test would tell you which subject you are lagging behind
11;30– 12:30Take break and have lunchTaking rest is important as small naps helps to keep calm mind and keeps your mind working.
12:30 – 15:303 hoursBiology preparation timeStudy or mug up the information available in the books and PracBee app, make notes and try to take a MCQ practice test with it as it will give you a perspective of the questions to come in NEET and the portions you are not fully prepared.
15:30 – 18:303 hoursDo previous years question(PYQ)
18:30 – 19:0030 minsRest take lightYou can go under the shade of dusk for half an hour. It’s proven that nature inspires humans better than anything else.
19:00 – 21:302.5 hoursPhysics preparation time/Chemistry preparation time Change according to your requirement Make notes and revise the conceptual parts required for NEET giving less emphasis on the numerical part
21:30 – 22:0030 minsHave DinnerEat light. Try to have veggies and milk after dinner as eating well lead to good healthy mind 
22:00 – 23:301.5 hoursPhysics/Chemistry preparation timeWhatever suits you as your strongest subjectMake notes and revise the portions 
23:30-5:005 hours 30 minutesSleep tight Dreams do come trueHave to sacrifice some sleep before exams to have a future in AIIMS

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