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Advantages and Disadvantages of Early JEE Preparation

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JEE Main is one of the most competitive examinations in India with more than a million students applying for it every year. It is conducted every year by NTA for admission into various engineering colleges of the country including National Institutes of Technology, IIITs, and various Government Funded Technical Institutes. JEE Main acts as a qualifying exam for JEE Advanced which is a gateway to IITs. Students usually start preparing for JEE from class 11th onwards but recently there has been a significant rise in the number of students preparing for such exams even earlier to get the extra time for preparation and increase their aptitude. Everything comes with its own pros and cons and we will be discussing advantages and disadvantages of early JEE preparation

Advantages of early JEE preparation:

  • This helps in building good habits like time management, discipline, problem-solving mindset which are some of the key skills required to prepare for an exam like JEE. The students who build these habits early do get an advantage when they are fully into JEE preparation in class 11th.
  • Solving higher order thinking problems in earlier classes builds a strong foundation which will allow students to grasp things quickly when confronted with tougher concepts of JEE. Remember, strong buildings require the strongest foundations.
  • Similarity of syllabus between class 9 & class 11, and class 10 & class 12 also gives an edge to students who start preparing for JEE earlier. There are similar topics in earlier classes, though not in-depth, but if these concepts are covered considering JEE preparation in mind in the beginning  itself, it becomes far easier to understand in comparison to peers when in class 11th or 12th.
  • Overall, starting early always gives a comparative advantage as you are more focused, more aware, and more adjusted with an environment of competitive exam preparation in comparison to the person who has just entered into the journey of JEE preparation.

Disadvantages of early JEE preparation

  • Taking a career decision at a very early stage can also prove to be disastrous if students do not find interest in engineering. Many times, students are not much aware about the domain in which they are interested and wish to explore certain areas and then decide where they wish to build their career. Going for early preparation for JEE restricts students to get exposure to various career options they could have excelled at.
  • It puts an extra burden on students. They are expected to focus on few main subjects namely Mathematics, Science i.e. Physics, Chemistry which many times hampers studies of other subjects like English, Hindi, Social Studies, etc.

These are major disadvantages of early JEE preparation which restricts growth in other areas. But, if someone is certain about choosing engineering as a career path, they are highly advised to join a foundation program and get the extra advantage that comes up with early JEE preparation. This will help them in long long way.

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