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The Best Books For Hardcore JEE Preparation

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JEE is considered as one of the toughest exams in India. When the exam is tough, you need to do preparation accordingly. And for preparation we need proper coaching, guidance and books. More preparation material are needed but these are basic and very important. 

  1. Coaching

We can have two options like we can go for any Institute which is famous for JEE preparation . You can go for known mass and crowd coaching but that doesn’t make sense if you are looking for sure shot success. Going for personalized one-on-one classes which is offered by Pracbee.com is much more useful and 10 times more effective. This platform provides live online courses in this pandemic which made our life easier. On the other hand we may start preparing from online videos. But in both of the cases we need books. And for that selection of hardcore books is needed.

  1. Guidance

For preparation you need guidance. This guidance can be either provided by your teachers or by your parents, but not by your friends, because your friends are not experienced. They are your fellows. So how they can guide you? Your parents are experienceC:\Users\Bikash\Downloads\WhatsApp Image 2021-08-20 at 19.39.54.jpegd but they don’t have much knowledge about JEE so, they also can’t help you. But your teacher has both experience as well as they knowledge too. So, they can definitely guide you at every step. They may guide you about: –

  • Career
  • Books
  • Can solve your doubts & so on

Now last but not the least. We have to search for best books among all the books for JEE preparation.

  1. Books

Books are the one which is required in every field either you are learning how to operate a system or you are preparing for JEE .Books can help you in every field. But nowadays e-books are available for JEE’s preparation, hardcore books are needed. Here I can provide you names of some of those books 

  • NCERT is must for basics
  • Resnick & Halliday Text ,you can have this book for theory part
  • H C Verma ,you can have this book for problem solving
  • S. S. Krotov , this book can help us in solving problems
  • I .E. Irodov , from here we can solve selected problems
  • Balaji Advanced problems in Physics by Er. Anurag Mishra
  • 42 Years of Arihant JEE Physics ,Math’s, Chemistry
  • ALLEN – Online test series for JEE Main & JEE Advance

These are some best books for JEE’s preparation and practice .You can start preparing for JEE with the help of these books.

All the best for your preparation

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