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How to track your NEET preparation?

Sometimes hard work may not yield you the expected results but smart work always does. This is the difference between people getting single or double digit ranks and the rest. Working hard meaninglessly will not fetch you as good results as working smart for exactly the same amount of time would. One of the ways of being ahead of everyone else is tracking your preparation. This is also a way of feeling confident about your preparation for the NEET exam. But how exactly are you supposed to achieve this? 

Below are some of the ways to help you with your preparation by keeping a track of your syllabus. 

● Everyone knows a little something about excel, this is going to make this tracking process like a game, something you will always look forward to doing at the end of the day. Make a spreadsheet for each one of your subjects. Write in these columns date and in adjacent columns, all the topics you have covered on that day. 

● Mark the last column of your spreadsheet as the revision. This particular column will contain the topics you have revised that day. 

● Try to revise each topic twice a week when you have learned it for the first time. Then decreasing the frequency to once a week for the 2nd week, then to once every 2 weeks for 2 months then finally to once every month. This technique is known as `spaced revision’ and is scientifically proven to convert your short memory to long term memory.

● To make this more interesting you can also color code (maybe use a highlighter) according to the difficulty of a given topic that will give you a good idea when you will revise a particular topic as to how much time you are going to devote to that topic. 

● Another way of keeping a track is to take full syllabus mock tests and assess your progress. 

● You can also follow a technique known as `active recall’. According to this technique you don’t simply read from your books to revise rather recall whatever you have already learnt and know about that topic. This technique helps you engage the maximum amount of your senses as a result more neural connections are made in your brain and the better you will be able to recall it the next time. 

This type of tracking also refrains you from worrying about the backlogs since you will complete only that amount of topic that is possible in a given day since every day is different and some days you may have ample amount of time to complete huge chunk and on some other day there might not be enough time to complete even one topic. Apart from these tips try to be your earnest self while preparing for the exam. The struggle is only for the time being, however it is this struggle of yours that is going to fetch you everything you ever dreamt of. Make Sure to revise extremely well as this can be a game changer and will eventually prove out to be high yielding. 

All the very best !!!

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