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How to score 450 marks easily in Chemistry and Biology

First of all, know the distribution of marks for the NEET exam. Out of 720 marks, 360 marks come from the Biology section, 180 marks from the Chemistry section, and 180 marks from the Physics section. If we combine the marks distribution of Biology and Chemistry, it will be around 540 marks. So you have to score around 450+ out of 540 marks in the NEET exam. It’s not easy to score 450+ in chemistry and biology. But to score 450 + in chemistry and biology you should have more discipline and dedication to your study.

In Biology, try to score around 300+ and in Chemistry try to score around 150+.To score 300+ read NCERT line by line, and memorize all the examples, flow charts, and diagrams. Make a separate notebook to write all the examples, and flow charts, revise this notebook on a daily basis. Highlight all the diagrams in NCERT books.

In Biology always give preference to high weightage chapters like human physiology, plant physiology, sexual reproduction in a flowering plant, genetics, evolution, ecology, human health and diseases, microbes in human welfare, plant kingdom. For some chapters refer to some other books, like for genetics and evolution you can refer to Trueman. Read the floral chapters very carefully.

In chemistry try to score 150+. In inorganic chemistry read the NCERT line by line, highlight all the key points, highlight all the important structures. You can refer to the ARIHANT question bank for inorganic chemistry. In organic chemistry understand the mechanism of organic reaction, memorize the power of carbonation, carbanion, electrophile and nucleophile. You can refer OP TANDON for organic chemistry. 

In physical chemistry first, memorize the formula, you should  know about the application of the formula. Make a separate notebook to write the important formulas and revise all this formula on a daily basis. You can refer to NCERT books and Arihant’s book for physical chemistry. 

Join the mock test series and give the test seriously. Analyze your mistakes, make your weak section stronger. Mock tests help you to increase your marks and it will boost your confidence.

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