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How to study Biology for NEET?

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When an aspirant starts to prepare for NEET she/he always upholds biology as a subject which will help them to great rank for selection in top medical colleges. This doesn’t mean one should disdain other subjects for the examination. Every subject has a purpose of its own i.e.  Physics can be very tough to grasp upon but if understood good it can be your dark horse to improve your score. In other cases, biology and chemistry are favourites among NEET aspirants due to their nature of easy to learn and easy to remember.

Despite all this Biology will always be an important and high scoring subject to secure topper ranks. Biology being mostly theoretical paper with less to some numerical it becomes easy for aspirants to invest much time on biology.

For someone starting to prepare for NEET, one should always consider NCERT as their holy book. NCERT biology books of classes 11 and 12 are prime sources of the significant number of questions being asked in NEET. There is a pattern in NEET’S previous year question (PYQ) that a significant number of direct questions are being asked from NCERT biology textbooks of classes 11 &12. Apart from NCERT candidates should also consider studying from TRUMAN’S ELEMENTARY BIOLOGY Volume 1 and 2.

Aspirants should also be honest to their coaching classes as well and not be distracted during classes. Coaching classes help you be in a proper routine which helps you to revise and practice topics assisting in memorizing efficiently. Tricks and tips of your coaching classes aid you in keeping a cool head while preparing or sitting for the examination.

Important topics students must not miss out on or opt-out of preparation are HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY AND GENETICS. These topics always have the most weightage of marks in NEET. Surely, I think these topics are all being well looked upon by the candidates.

Last year most important topic was BIOTECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS. Students should consider it these being an important topic to cover with future tending towards this topic. So paper setters tend to make the paper accordingly.

There are some units which should be considered with less importance like reproduction, diversity of human organism and finally Biology and human welfare.

PYQ is also an important tool to crack NEET.PYQ aids you in getting a rough idea about the pattern and topics which are important. Biology is a subject that requires constant revision and mugging up of facts and PYQ guides you to the topics which have high weightage conventionally. This helps you start your preparation accordingly.

One should prepare good notes while doing online and offline classes. Also, try to make short notes separately for each chapter to help you with a quick revision.NEET asks the aspirants basic level questions so practising tons of questions is of less need. Questions from the modules provided by the coaching institutes are more than enough.   

These tips will always allow students to achieve a good rank if he/she follows all the tips honestly.

As achieving topper level ranks in NEET one must enrol on the courses provided by PracBee. Here students can find the best faculty and tons of questions to practice free of cost.  PracBee will guide you in polishing your paper solving skills and aid you in keeping a cool mind during the examination.

“Our world is built on biology and once we begin to understand it, it then becomes a technology”-Ryan Bethencourt

The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students.

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