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The art of attempting JEE/NEET exam paper

Attempting the exam paper is an art. The more you practise this art, the better you become at solving your NEET/JEE paper quickly and correctly. No matter how well you have prepared during your 11th and 12th or how high you have scored in your mock exams, your rank will depend on how good you perform during the crucial hours of the exam. 

In this article, you will get some of the best tips to attempt your exam paper like a pro-

  • Pre-exam preparation: Make sure you are calm and relaxed before giving the start of the exam. If you are too bothered or worried, you may not be able to attempt your paper correctly. Further, you should make sure you eat sufficient nutritious food to make you energetic, not lousy or tired during the exam.
  • There are two ways you can attempt your paper- either you solve each question sequentially, starting from the first question or just skim over the questions and attempt the easy questions first. You can choose either of two and gradually master it over the course of your preparation. 
  • Don’t get stuck. Sometimes students get emotional over questions and waste a lot of time trying to solve them. It’s better to leave the difficult to attempt questions for the end. 
  • Which subject first? This is a personal choice. Ideally, students should first attempt the subject they are most confident in to boost their morale. 
  • Small breaks. Doing calculations and recalling formulas can be tiring. Students, after 30 minutes, can take a short break and drink water. It will help you to freshen up your mind for the next set of questions. 
  • Read the question carefully. Many students commit the mistake of misreading the question or skipping relevant details. Moreover, you should also make sure that you select the right option. 
  • 80/20 principle– It would be best if you could finish 80% of the easy to easy-moderate questions during the first 20% of the time. In simple terms, the cutoff is mostly decided by the number of easy to nearly easy questions. Once you have solved them quickly, you will have enough time to attempt the difficult ranking improving questions. 
  • Practise as many mocks as you can. You don’t become good at solving paper overnight. It requires dedicated hard work and commitment to master the art of paper management. Students should follow these points during their mocks also to ensure the best performance during the actual exam. Get FREE mock tests here.

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