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Over 2K MBBS seats vacant

The medical education system in India is facing a singular difficulty as a result of an unforeseen development. More than two thousand MBBS slots are still unclaimed even after regular admissions have closed. The national government has declared a special stray round in reaction to this.

The institute has stated that it will hold a second round of applications to fill open spots in undergraduate medical programs across the nation, one month after the MBBS admissions deadline ended. There are reportedly 2,200 open spots in MBBS alone, 156 of which are in the all-India quota. The seats for which the National Medical Commission (NMC) ruled that admissions were unlawful due to protocol violations around ten days ago are included in the total number of vacancies.

In the interest of the general public, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had petitioned the highest court to extend the deadline for admittance in order to avoid squandering “precious” medical seats. In accordance with the court’s ruling, the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC), which is part of the Directorate General of Health Service at the center, declared on Tuesday that a special stray vacancy round would be held to fill all open undergraduate seats, including those for MBBS, BDS, and BSc Nursing in both the all-India and state quotas. November 15 is the new date for closing all admissions. Additionally, some of these spots are unfilled in popular government colleges.

141 of these admissions in Maharashtra were deemed ineligible due to their institute-level conduct.

In court, the center stated that there are 2,182 open places in MBBS alone. According to a ministry official, these also comprise the seats that were released a few days following the NMC circular. The states may hold counselling sessions in these seats (where admissions were deemed invalid) once more and previous admissions will be regularized provided that the appropriate NMC-approved procedure was followed. In Maharashtra, admissions to 141 seats were cancelled for allowing admissions at the institute level, which was prohibited by the NMC this year. In several other states, admissions were declared invalid for failing to meet the September 30 deadline.

According to the MCC circular, all registered candidates will need to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs 50,000 in order to participate in the special stray round. If they do not fill the designated seats, the money will be forfeited and the candidates will not be eligible to take the NEET the following year. For this round of voting, only candidates without a seat are eligible to run. Furthermore, candidates who did not accept the seats that were awarded to them after the third round will not be eligible. The MCC has instructed students to contact state counselling officials for information regarding state level seats. States have been requested to hold the second round following the release of the all-India list.

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