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Alternatives to MBBS in India after NEET UG

With every passing year the competitive nature of NEET UG seems to be getting even grimmer.

The number of aspirants appearing each year is high and increasing every year still with the cut-offs we are seeing no different trend. The GMC seats are limited and ever so slowly increasing, the PMCs remain out of the reach of many because of their exorbitant fee structure.

What alternatives do you have then?

Well, there are other less lucrative courses that offer admission via the NEET route like – BAMS/BUMS/BDS etc. However, if you are adamant on getting the doctor tag you can consider getting your MBBS from abroad! Over the years the trend of getting ones MBBS degree from elsewhere where the competition is low and the fee structure is reasonable has gained much popularity.

Popular places where Indians flock to get their MBBS include:

• China

• Russia

• Philippines

• Ukraine

• European countries like Switzerland.

• Nepal &

• Tzakistan 

Pros of getting MBBS from these countries:

• Easy seat availability, all you need is a qualifying NEET score.

• Less expenditure, people get their entire MBBS tuition fee wrapped up for as little as 16L INR. This is in stark contrast to getting your MBBS from a PMC in India where the tuition fee alone can be as high as 15-25L/annum.

• Clearing the FMGE exam makes you on par with the Indian medical graduates.

• Since FMGE is a reasonably difficult exam to pass, the students who do pass it are already well versed in the medical curriculum and find it relatively easy to crack the NEET PG exam.

Cons of getting MBBS from these countries:

• Hesitant parents, this is probably the biggest hurdle. 

• Depending on the country where you go the cost of living has to be adjusted.

• Getting used to a completely different country and social structure takes a long time.

• FMGE exam has low passing rates because the exam is tough so you’ll have to study meritoriously to pass the exam.

• Countries like China has the disadvantage, that apparently here in order to get your degree you also have to write their language assessment exam – as you can imagine Mandarin is not an easy language. Also the strained relations between India & China are also to be considered.

With the competition getting stiffer and situation being grim specially for Open Category students, looking beyond the boundaries of one’s own nation seems a reasonable choice.

However, one should make sure to do his/her proper research before applying for the same.

Many people opt for an agency or a broker to get everything get done in a breeze which is reasonable, but you should also look at their previous track record before applying for the same.

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