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What are the biggest myths surrounding the NEET Exam?

Over a million aspirants appear for NEET (UG) Entrance Exam every year in hopes of bagging a Medical College & setting their career on a straight path.

The competitive exam has been getting tougher by the year and here are a few “Myths” surrounding the NEET (UG) Exam that every sincere aspirant must be made aware of.

 • Myth 1: I did well in board, I’ll definitely get in.

Your class 10th/12th board marks don’t have much to do with your probability of getting into a prestigious medical school. Yes, it helps if you have your base strong but a plethora of students doing well in both their board exams fail to thrive in the competitive NEET/JEE exam.

 • Myth 2I’ve joined a coaching; I’m halfway through it already.

Joining a coaching institute will most definitely not guarantee that you’re half way through it. On the contrary, from every average batch run by big institutions, the selection rate is an abysmal 0-5 students/class. Assuming an average class is having 150 students.

 • Myth 3: Following the toppers.

Following what toppers say in their YouTube interview isn’t exactly the best idea. You see, everyone is different – what worked for them may or may not work for you. They did what they did because they were comfortable with it. You need to do what you’re comfortable with and what you think will work the best for you.

 • Myth 4: Biology NCERT is all I need.

Biology NCERT will never fetch you a score of 360/360, Period.

 • Myth 5: Reading theory over solving Papers.

While not exactly a myth but plethora of aspirants focus on reading theory over and over again and focus less on solving MCQs. Grave mistake.

 • Myth 6: I’m smart, I’ll get in.

IQ & Selection probability are not proportional. You need to work yourself really hard in order to succeed, you see selection probability is a product of hard work and talent, you need a bit of both and compensate if you have one in less. 

While IQ is what it is and cannot be changed – hard work is all up to you.

I’ve saved the biggest myth for the last:

That would be, believing that once you get into a med school your life is sorted, it isn’t. It’s the beginning of a long-long path filled hard work and difficulty. It’s the beginning of the road to success and not the end of it.

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