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Common mistakes NEET aspirants make

There are several mistakes made by NEET aspirants that one should avoid if they want to score well. Read the following points to understand the common mistakes.

#1 Aspirants usually ignore NCERT. They think reading higher books will help them score better. But this is not true. NCERT is a standard book and all students should follow it no matter what. Follow NCERT for all three subjects. Reference books should be used once you are done with NCERT. They should be used as supplementary books. 

#2 Most aspirants depend too much on mock tests and forget the most essential part which is analysis. After every test, you should analyse your paper. Look for the mistakes you made. See how many of them were silly mistakes. Most of the students focus on solving questions than reading text from NCERT. They think solving questions will help them solve papers easily. It helps in the beginning but as the level of questions rises, concepts are important. First know your concepts and then solve as many questions as you want. 

#3 Students also try to mug up the answers. They solve mock tests and learn their answers to save time. But this is not the correct way to study. Know your concepts well otherwise this is of no use. If you know your concepts, you can solve any question. But if you learn how to solve the question then next time a little twist in the question will give you a headache.

#4 Aspirants also shift from one book to another. Study from one book that is NCERT. Don’t switch books again and again. Just take one reference book per subject and use it once you are done with the NCERT. Students read one topic from multiple books and end up having confusion. As different books may have different facts. For facts one should only refer NCERT. 

#5 Do not skip breaks or leave your hobbies. Most students do this. This decreases your ability to learn and understand things. Take proper breaks after every session. Also, give time to some of your hobbies. This will keep your mind fresh. Take proper care of what you eat. Eat healthily and drink more fluid. Stay hydrated. 

#6 Take an adequate amount of sleep. One should sleep for 6 hours minimum. Also, this should be a continuous sleep. Sleep at night for 6 hours so that you feel fresh the next day.

Keep these points in mind and study better. All the best.

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