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NEET UG 2021 Analysis

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2021 UG was successfully conducted by National Test Agency on Sunday, 12th September, 2021. The exam was conducted for all the medical aspirants who look forward to build a career in medicine. The exam was held in a pen and paper/ offline mode amid the Covid-19 protocols. Over 16 lakh students applied for the exam this year. 

The review of exam from several candidates is of it being Easy to Moderate in difficulty level. Biology section was found to be easiest among the three. It was followed by Chemistry and Physics was most difficult among all. Below you will find the section or subject wise analysis of the exam.

Biology: The questions asked in this section were easy and majorly based on NCERT. Therefore, the students with good knowledge and a revision from NCERT, have aced the section. As per the topic wise analysis, higher weightage was given to Cell Biology, Genetics and Biomolecules. However, there was a balance among the questions asked from the topics of Botany and Zoology. The section was not lengthy.

There was an erratum in the question paper in a few questions. In the Hindi translation of one of the questions, there was a mistake. Some printing mistake in question from Animal Kingdome has also been noted.

Physics: This was the most difficult section among the three in the exam. Majority of the questions asked were from Electrodynamics and Mechanics carrying a weightage much higher than combining the rest of the topics. Section A of Physics saw questions ranging from easy to difficult with majority of questions being moderate in difficulty level. However, in Section B questions were easy to moderate in difficulty level. Also, the section was lengthy for some candidates which made it time consuming.Chemistry: Although the level of difficulty of this section was higher than the previous year, the questions were moderate in difficulty level. The questions were mostly based on NCERT. There was a balance in the questions asked as equal number of questions were asked from Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. A good number of statement-based questions were seen in the exam. Majority of the questions were moderate in terms of difficulty level.

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