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Stay at home and prepare for JEE with PracBee

In this difficult period of Covid, should we join offline coaching and risk our health or should we give up on our studies?

We would not like to choose any of the above options as both are of no use when we are have an option of quality education at our home itself.

If we are unable to use this digital era for our good cause then I would say it will be no use for getting too much success in technical fields.

We get so many perks of online classes like:

1. In this difficult time it will help us to save ours and our elders’ life from virus.

2. It will save a lot of travelling time.

3. Due to time saved in travelling we would be able to manage school as well as JEE which will consequently help us to score good marks in board exams as well.

4. It will let us know about the pattern of online exams in a better way as in the end we will be facing online exams itself.

At PracBee, we get interaction in one on one basis which improves our performance to a very high extent and along with that we can solve our doubts from those who have already cracked JEE with wandering ranks.

Along with all other things here you will get one of the unique facilities at PracBee. You will get Guaranteed results which is our ultimate goal and such facility is not available even after paying very big amounts to some offline institutes.

Some other perks at PracBee are:

1. Personal one-on-one guidance given to every student.

2. Result Guarantee progam.

3. Standard organised material.

4. Proper time table for study.

5. The complete progress of students are shown to parents periodically.

Guaranteed result means that in this program you will get a surety that your son/daughter will definitely get selected in their respective dream colleges and such type of facilities are not provided in any of the coaching institute which makes PracBee different from all other institutions and in this program you will get a facility for learning in One-on-one basis which means all the efforts of teaching will be given to your child and hence it will help him to improve in much extent.

Organized study material will be given to each and every student which will help your child to study from only one source rather than studying from so many places, this material will save the time of students and rather than searching for good questions he/she will be able to focus on good material and concepts of those questions. Along with all these things a proper timetable is given to the students so that they would not face any difficulty in thinking about what they should study and how much time should be given to each subject and topic.

Lastly, the complete progress report of students is given to their parents so that parents can understand and track the performance of their child.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Join Pracbee, and become a future IITian!

Wishing you all the best for your future.

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The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students.

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