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It’s a misconception that once you achieve a particular stage everything will be sorted for the future but it’s not the reality of life as you go ahead , challenges will keep on increasing in life and for every situation you need to be prepared and give it your best without worrying about the result. 

Every NEET aspirant must have heard that once you clear NEET and get a government college everything will be a cake walk ahead either from their relatives or non medico friends. But the irony lies here is that the real struggle starts after NEET is cleared and you join your medical college. Initially in the undergraduation i.e. The MBBS journey of 19 subjects is quite overwhelming. The new atmosphere of the college, new friends and new teaching curriculum sometimes become too much for the student but this pain will bear fruit in future. Don’t presume already that once you are done with your school timings i.e. classes from 8 O’clock will be over. This is not the case of medical students and even interns and doctors have to report early in the morning. So medical life makes you disciplined and makes you learn the value of time. 

Since medical science is a vast field and it’s not easy to save a patient’s life by merely reading a few books, thus after 5 years of MBBS and internship, doctors need to do post graduation for 3 years and then further fellowship in their respective field for 2-3 years. So perseverance is the crucial element of medicos life, one needs to be consistent and motivated throughout the journey as this field demands lots of your adulthood time. But it’s not impossible, it’s definitely possible. You just need to balance your personal and academic life and need to know the depth of your profession so you can achieve your desired goal. 

So, as you can see what lies ahead and now you can see that the hard work you are doing now will be helpful in future as it will prepare you for some bigger challenges which lie ahead. So never ever be afraid of hard work, don’t find shortcuts for problems and ultimately with your pure dedication you will reach your target and a respectable profession waits ahead of you. 

All the very best, pour your heart into your preparations, regularly track your performance and rectify your mistakes to reach the heights of your goal. 

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Prerna Rajput
Prerna Rajput is a 2nd year Medical student at the Government Doon Medical College.
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