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JEE main 2022: Second attempt

JEE main 2022 first session has been conducted already. The exam was held in June last week and even the results have been announced on July 11. As per the analysis, it can be said that for a few aspirants, the exam was tough while for others it was not. But it does not matter now how the paper was. The thing which matters now is your preparation for the second attempt of JEE main 2022. For JEE main 2022.  Some changes have been made in the pattern. First, there used to be a total of 90 questions earlier in the exam, and all the questions used to be MCQs only carrying +4 (correct) and -1 (incorrect).

But this year the number of questions has been reduced to 75. Wait wait! There will be a total of 90 questions but out of those only 75 questions need to be attempted. Earlier all the 90 questions (30 questions per subject) were important to attempt. But for JEE main 2022, out of these 30 questions, only 25 questions are essential to attempt for each subject. Not only this! This year along with MCQ questions, numericals have also been introduced. So out of 30 questions in a subject, 20 will be MCQ questions that are mandatory to be attempted. But for the remaining 10 questions, one needs to attempt only 5. And those 10 questions will be numerical.

This was the change that has been done for JEE main 2022. Not only this, one more major change has been done and that is regarding marks. Earlier there used to be a total of 360 marks for the exam but this time it’s just 300 marks. As this was the first time when people experienced a new pattern so things automatically became more difficult. But for the second attempt, the aspirants will now be aware of the new pattern and that is why it won’t be impossible to score well. So, for now, very less time is left for JEE Main 2022’s second attempt and that’s why one needs to put in a lot of effort. In the remaining time, one should give their best from their side so that the second attempt of JEE main 2022 goes well.

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