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As we all know, JEE main exam is just a month away and at this stage, we all have too much stress from the exam. Will I be able to crack JEE? What if I don’t reach the location on time? Did I work hard for 2 years/1 year?
So many questions come to our mind and thus we often get confused about whether we will be able to crack the exam or not, and we get confused about what to study in such a short time.
Let us discuss the solution to every problem.
First and the foremost thing which you have to do at this point is to keep yourself steady and relaxed because too much excitement, too much fear, too much confidence, and too many doubts will only harm your dedication and that’s where most of the top minds lose their chance of making it to the top ranks. To stay calm you may start your day with 5-10 minutes of meditation which will help your soul and mind to stay relaxed in the worst conditions. It will improve your concentration process and will help you perform better in your exam.
The next thing that we suggest is that you should stop learning alien topics at this time. Don’t learn any topics which you haven’t learned before and just focus only on those topics which you are familiar with because it will disturb your mental peace if you study new topics. Just go through every topic and focus majorly on strong and familiar topics.
Another question is on what material should we focus on- coaching material, reference book, last year’s questions?
The answer to this question is very simple, you just need to focus on last year’s questions as 50-60% of the questions come from that part only which is more than sufficient to grab a seat in a decent college. So, you must stick to last year’s questions and learn every concept that was asked.
Make a short notebook of JEE questions and note the most repetitive concepts of JEE in the notebook. Along with that, you should focus on those sure-shot topics like mathematical reasoning, statistics, etc. These topics will help you to secure perfect marks with no negative markings.
After completing last year’s questions, we suggest you focus on the doubt questions you had while solving your coaching sheets and other reference books in your preparation which will clear your concepts and give clearer goals to your mind.
And finally, we suggest you to simply focus on some mock papers so that you get a rough idea of solving question papers. It will help you understand what type of questions are asked and how you can solve the paper within the time limit. Along with that, you will get an idea about negative marking which is most important in JEE. So, to get an overall idea of the question paper you must solve at least 10 mock papers within the exam hours limit and judge your preparation.

In brief, we would say:-

  1. Relax your mind by doing meditation. Do not learn new topics
  2. Solve only last year’s questions.
  3. Solve doubt questions
  4. Solve some mock papers. You can get FREE mock papers here.

All the best for your exam! We hope this will help you to make your preparation better. For more informative content, keep following PracBee.

Chirag Bhatia
Chirag is pursuing his B. Tech. from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology popularly known as NSUT affiliated to Delhi University and is currently in his 2nd year.
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