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Is guidance a must-have for the JEE exam?

 IIT-JEE Examinations are among the most gruelling examinations. Applicants give everything for the IIT-JEE exam and make it to a prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Colleges. Due to the cut-throat competition, and the preface of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, cracking JEE is tougher. Multitudinous coaching centres and numerous books are making scholars manage up with the competition and securing species in the IIT-JEE. While appearing for IIT-JEE, the common question arises – Is guiding a must-have for cracking the JEE Examinations? 

Well, if you ask us – If coaching is essential for JEE? The answer is yes! Neither coaching nor self-study guarantees you complete success. Still, it’s up to you to go for coaching or do self-study. But the reason why you should go for coaching if you want to secure the top rank in IIT-JEE are as follows:

Direction for preparation

Keeping in mind the vast syllabus of JEE, guidance from an expert trainer gives you a better idea about the test patterns and how to deal with them. Preparing yourself is a great idea, but you’re sure to miss the important need for experts’ guidance, which does not guarantee you winning a niche in IITs still will help you jump up the rank list. As you know, it’s just a matter of 1 mark occasionally that makes or breaks your deal for JEE.

Exam Tips & Strategies

Joining a JEE guiding program gives you those helpful experts’ perceptivity, tips and strategies to ameliorate your chances of ranking advanced in the test. Studying on your own does educate you tone- discipline and makes you further tone-driven, but it does not give you short-cut styles that can help you rank advanced.

Study Material

The coaching gives the stylish study attendants all the study material. They also equip the learners with question papers and notes so that they can exercise and revise.

PracBee provides you wide range of study materials which does not require the students to look after study materials in the market.


Still, other campaigners are preparing too, If an applicant is preparing for the entrance test. And this will help them to be competitive and stay motivated all the time they will also understand the competitive position.

With a wide range of practice papers and tests are taken regularly PracBee makes you achieve top ranks in JEE. 


The guiding institute plan keeps a pimp chastened and harmonious all the time. The proper schedule will help the pupil in keeping thickness and discipline in the study. The times of chastened and harmonious practice will ameliorate time operation and other chops.

PracBee team always maintains a routine which helps the student to grow and gain experience for JEE preparation. 

Individual Feedback

When you enter a guiding institute, you’re given mock tests on a usual basis, which proposes a study where you’re and what your weak subject is. Either, you get your performance feedback from the professionals encouraging you to ameliorate on those subjects.

JEE requires hard work in a smart way, which is directly delivered by the trained preceptors of any likely coaching institute. The faculties may help you in understanding the concepts in many ways, which would have taken hours for you to understand through book reading or self-study. So, a good tutor plays an essential part in determining your rank in the India position.

At PracBee with faculties having more than 300+ years of combined teaching experience, you are in safe hands.

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