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JEE Advanced 2023: Syllabus revised

The revised syllabus for JEE Advanced has been released and the exam will be conducted according to the same. It is to be noted that the syllabus released for JEE Advanced 2023 and syllabus for JEE Advanced 2022 will be the same as earlier. Candidates planning to appear for JEE Advanced 2023 need to follow the syllabus which is now available on the official website of jeeadv.ac.in. 

The revised syllabus for all the 3 subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics is released and made available for everyone. For Physics, revision of syllabus includes the topics like Inertial and uniformly accelerated frames of reference, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Friction, Work and Power, Newton’s laws of Motion, Mechanical Energy, Conservation of linear momentum, Gravitational field and potential, laws of gravitation, Acceleration due to gravity, Kepler’s law, Escape velocity,Geostationary orbits and Motion of planets and satellite. 

In Mathematics, Algebra, Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Sets and Relations and functions and Vectors are included. However, some of the topics like harmonic progression and solution of triangles are removed. For Chemistry syllabus will include topics like Dalton’s atomic theory, mole concept, balanced chemical equation, atom and molecule, concentration in terms of mole fraction, molarity, molality and normality. calculations involving common oxidation-reduction, neutralisation, and displacement reactions. The topic of Nuclear Chemistry is however removed. In all, there are more additions than reductions to the syllabus. 

The revised syllabus is said to be synched with the Board’s syllabus. This will help students to prepare well as the syllabus will be much of what they prepare for during their board exams or for JEE Main. However, due to the introduction of more topics, the syllabus has now become lengthier. It is aligned more to the NCERT and is expected to have a positive impact on student’s preparation. The complete syllabus of JEE Advanced 2023 is made available on the official website of JEE Advanced, jeeadv.ac.in. Students planning to appear for the exam can visit the website and plan their preparation accordingly.

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